A cloud-based solution may surprise you with some great advantages. Setting up an on-premises contact center catered to your business can be expensive. It can also become outdated, especially if you have a remote workforce.

Cloud Contact Center

Know why you should consider a cloud contact center transition:

1. The Omnichannel Experience

E-mail, chat, video, voice and social media integrated in one single interface. Customers’ information is available across all platforms, so they can use their preferred way to reach you to get what they need. Smooth customer experience across multiple digital channels enables a successful digital customer service as agents are on top of every customer request and their productivity is optimized.

2. Safety and Compliance

Data privacy and protection compliance obligations regarding customer service must be considered. PCI compliance, GDPR, ISO certifications and regulative frameworks are important. Our cloud contact center helps you with this matter while you have the time to focus on your business.

3. Reporting and Analytics Processes

Cloud computing leverages the reporting and analytics processes. They’re a must have, so you can be on top of what is happening in your customer service. Collab’s OnceContact [insert link] includes a powerful solution that turns operational data from various sources into easy-to-read graphics and actionable insights.

4. Flexibility and Easy to Adapt to Your Needs

Cloud-based solutions can be scaled up and down quickly and effortlessly. Capacity can be increased or decreased, according to your business demands. This is possibly one of the greatest advantages of relying in the flexible nature of cloud solutions.

5. AI Solutions

Automatic reporting, measurement of sentiment in interactions and bots for customer support are some examples of the new possibilities that the cloud brings. Artificial Intelligence and automation are now a center piece of the new era of contact centers. This provides 24/7 customer support and reduces costs on the contact center.

6. No installation and automatic updates

This is a ready to use solution. CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) allows the client zero-installation, carefree maintenance, and automatic updates.

7. You only pay for what you use

With a cloud-based contact center, you only pay for the agents you’re currently using, which improves cost efficiencies. Its cost model is completely different from a legacy one, Capex-heavy infrastructure.

8. Cloud contact centers are ready for remote work

Relying on a cloud contact center allows you to access and manage the service from any location, leading to new business possibilities. This may include remote contact center teams, ensuring business continuity in every scenario.

9. A 360-Degree View of Every Customer

Agents need access to customer’s data in order to provide personalized and exceptional customer support. The Contact Center must be synced with your customer’s journey – our CRM can help you keep track of every interaction, while our cloud can also integrate with the leading CRM providers.

10. Industry leading uptime

Cloud contact center solutions most often provide you with the highest levels of availability and disaster recovery. By deploying worldwide / regional scale redundancy mechanisms, highly costly downtime is minimized, and customer satisfaction boosted.

How Collab can help you

Nubitalk is Collab’s cloud, designed to embrace contact centers of all sizes. It is a cloud contact center solution that intends to make every business succeed in customer experience. It offers you the omnichannel experience from anywhere in the world. Want to know more? Click here.