Collab Academy: Partners Training Plan for 2020

Classroom sessions and Online Webinars

Announcing the Training Session Plan for 2020, where partners can access and subscribe to training modules regarding our product portfolio. Collab Academy 2020 includes classrooms and online webinars.

  • OneContact Portal Webinars – introduces participants to Collab’s unified portal functionalities. Webinars available are: OnePortal Resellers Webinar, OnePortal CC Inbound Webinar and OnePortal CC Outbound WebinarRead more >
  • OnePortal Flows Webinar – The OnePortal Flow Webinar presents participants to Collab’s unified portal for the contact center with an overview focused on Interactive Voice Response (IVR’s) creation. OneContact Flows is a tool included in OneContact CC to easily design and deploy flows of communication.  Read more >
  • OnePortal PBX Webinar – The OnePortal PBX Webinar presents participants to Collab’s unified portal for Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with an overview about provisioning and administering a tenant.Read more >
  • Collab Sales/Pre-Sales Webinar – introduces participants to Collab’s resources to sell, explain and clarify Collab solutions. Read more >

Courses (Classroom training)

Collab Academy presencial instructor-led classes in Lisbon. Each course has a 5 day duration.

The courses available in 2020 are: Essentials Course, OneContact CC Deployment & Troubleshoot – Part I and Part II, and OneContact CC Application Development.

All courses’ specifications
Schedules, Contents and Prerequisites

For further details or questions please send us an email to

Collab Academy is a training program available only for partners. If you are not a partner of Collab but want to find out more about our products, check out our YouTube Channel.