Our products keep evolving and sharing our updates with you is a part of our commitment to deliver innovation with transparency, while listening to the feedback of our clients, partners and the overall community. On this brief tech updates, we highlight the redesign of Collab PBX app, upgrades on instant messaging, and also novelties on Customer Interaction Hub (CIH).

PBX new app

Take your PBX everywhere with the renewed PBX app! The redesign is compelling, intuitive and suited to screens of diverse sizes.

Voice calls: Perform, receive, put on hold, create conference calls (which you can split if needed) and transfer

Messages: Send and receive text messages to your contacts (and yes, you can use emojis!).

Address book: Synchronize with your mobile phone contacts and your PBX ones, filter and search as needed

tech updates CIH

CIH – design updates & new features

It’s more than aesthetics: CIH redesign and improvements reflect on agent experience and productivity. Here are the highlights:

New global timeline, issue creation and customer details design, available for (OneContact CC 4.1 and up)

Email improvements include email approval, emails grouped by thread, confidential information masking, short URLs and attachment preview;

Templates and signatures are more versatile: users can setup headers and footers, filter templates, signatures and business outcomes by tag/ keyword and perform a full-text search over the templates, signatures and email body and title. Templates are now shown in a user-friendly tree structure.

Other improvements

  • Instant messaging has been redesigned for better efficacy. New elements include: drag&Drop multiple files into an OneAgentWeb chat; new browser pop up notification for when the file uploaded exceeds the maximum upload size and notifications for received and read chat messages;
  • Media compressor settings are now presented in a card in the campaign details;
  • OneContactLogin now allows tenants to authenticate with Microsoft Identity Platform v2 (Azure AD);
  • Exportation of screen recordings;
  • WebServiceHost has a new look.

If you’d like to take a deeper look at these tech updates, consult your knowledge base or get in touch with us at info@collab.com

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