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The telecommunication industry plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, allowing us to be permanently connected. To excel in customer engagement efficiency should be its main goal.

Have you ever wondered how many interactions per day does a telco contact center agent has to handle? Considering the unprecedented scenario of COVID-19, many companies from all over the globe – namely health, telcos, BPOs, retail, fintech, and many others – had to cope with the new remote circumstances and to make a notable effort keeping businesses in operation. Luckily, today’s technology is able to support us in a smooth shift of work arrangements to digital and safer solutions, thus maintaining communities connected.

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Source: PINDROP PULSE FLASH REPORT: Five Insights of COVID-19 in the Contact Center (June 2020)

Studies on the financial market have reported that in 2020 only, the Call Volume in enterprise contact centers received has rose exponentially along the several stages of the pandemic. Regarding the COVID-19 peak between late March and the beginning of April 2020, there was a 300% rise in Call Volume in an early phase, that later grew to 800% from normal levels in phase II.
This unexpected increase in call volumes naturally impacted contact center KPIs: as companies started to adapt themselves to the social distancing mandates and to work from home, there was a significant increase of Average Handle Time and Abandonment Rate. All of a sudden, businesses and their contact centers had to find a way to tackle this lack of responsiveness to keep up with COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately, months later, most of us have assimilated this new normal era we are living in: businesses are adapting themselves to remote or hybrid workforces, thus allowing them to be spread through the globe. This new reality, of course, requires not only the agents’ training to attend customers’ demands, but also the standardization of customer service, in order to improve and maintain contact center KPIs, and to deliver an optimized customer experience.

This became an easy task thanks to Collab’s scripting tool, integrated in our in-house contact center suite, OneContact CC. Agent Scripting is a powerful tool that provides your business and contact center agents the right prompt to help them dealing with customers, leads and interactions.
Thanks to OneContact Agent Scripting, building scripts is easy and fast: with just a few clicks, the script is implemented, and the agents get a standardized, easy, and quick guide to complete. As a result, agents can handle both inbound and outbound calls easily, require less training, the average call time decreases, and your contact center can provide cohesive and excellent customer service.

Take a closer look at some of the benefits of Agent Scripting:

• Consistency of service provided

The usage of campaign scripts ensures that your customers benefit from a similar experience through the interactions, driving a cohesive service for any brand. As a result, customer satisfaction metrics and loyalty rise.

• Decrease of call resolution time

Scripts make life easier for agents. They do not need to find what to say and can focus on how to provide the best service for customers. Training and learning are greatly reduced since the script can guide each conversation step by step.

• Reduce agent training

Contact Center KPIs benefit from strategic scripts that save the customer’s time and decrease the call duration. Because the agents have everything at hand, the interaction is handled fast, and the issues are quickly solved.

• Dynamic tool for cross-sell and upsell

Better trained agents can ease customer engagement and fuel business growth. Customer support can benefit from refined scripts, in order to keep interaction flow and empowering the agent, either to encourage customers to purchase a higher-end product, or to buy a related service or item.

• Boost customer satisfaction rate

Scripts are here to help agents ask the right questions at the right time, so they can extract the most out of every interaction. A well-built script provides guidance to agents, for them to gain more confidence, to worry less on finding the right answers and to spend more time listening to customers. Therefore, they will become more productive, effective and fitter to excel in customer satisfaction.

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• Easy and ready to use

OneContact Agent Scripting is already integrated in Collab’s contact center suite, and does not require intervention from the IT. Scripts can be easily built with a drag-and- drop tool, which makes Collab’s Agent Scripting module very intuitive.

• Available for multichannel purposes

Although 51% of customers still prefer to use voice call to contact companies, omnichannel support is still a growing trend. Contact centers can use our scripting tool to offer support in any channel: voice, chat, mail, video and social media