A glimpse into our corporate culture

A glimpse into our corporate culture


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Collab is made of an incredible team of amazing, talented and innovative individuals. We show you all the time the fruits of our work and our software is conquering and delivering digital transformation across the world. This year, we want to create something special. We want to give our ecosystem a real insight into who we are as a team. 

Our collaborators will be participating in our articles by giving insights about their work, goals, views on the industry state of the art and etc. To inaugurate this new section we have a personal overview of a recent team member, Mariana Santos, who enrolled in Collab as a designer one year ago. Here’s her story. 


It’s been a little over a year now that I’m at Collab as a Designer and now that I’m doing a retrospective I think: ” Wow! What an experience!”!
It is already cliché to say that we have grown both on a personal and professional level, but isn’t that our main goal when we agree to come on board on a new journey?
That’s how I faced my entry at Collab. I knew it would make me grow in both directions, that I would have completely different professional experiences than I had before and in many of them I would not know what to do, but that I would certainly have a team to give me the necessary support. It is really to this team that I have to thank because they have taught me and have been teaching values that I believe many people do not have the opportunity to learn in their workspace.
Since I arrived I have admired the cooperation we have, they are all ready to take the tools and start working as a team. My colleagues are an example to me because I know what experience brings knowledge and they are not lacking! With them I learned beyond the basic tools of Design, I left the Illustrator program and had the opportunity to explore fields that I would never have even heard, define strategies, create work processes and in this way I have only become a better Designer, with the ability to give answers to more areas.

Collab is full of techies and innovation is infused on everyone’s minds. The articulation between teams, the Agile/ Scrum methodologies and the relation between our products and the market needs is an ever-evolving process. 
I entered a completely unknown world, I didn’t even know how a call center worked, or even the products that could be offered to improve its efficiency. Today I know I still have a lot to learn, but when you call a service and hear “X click 1” that it’s all been flow-driven, that if I find myself in a situation that shows displeasure in my words, an AI service may be used and the intent is described, there are countless possibilities within this great world and I am ready to continue this learning.
At Collab I have had the opportunity to witness how marketing is actually a secret weapon that makes all the difference not only in how we want to stand out from our competition but also on we can keep growing alongside our network of great partners and clients. 
No doubt today I know more about call centers, more about artificial intelligence, marketing, but also how to work as a team, how to collaborate and get results.
I like to be able to share my working hours with intelligent, hard working, committed and fun people, with whom I identify and give me the motivation to do better every day. Would I change anything? Absolutely not!

I hope to continue counting more years as Collabiana

Mariana Santos

Graphic Designer
With a keen eye for detail and a bubbling creative mind, Mariana places customer experience as the focal point on her designs. Illustration is one of her specialities and hobbies.