A marketing initiative, eligible for all our partners

A win-win program for everyone

In this program everyone wins: we build a trust environment and you can take advantage of having your successes exposed in Collab’s worldwide Partner Ecosystem.

By sharing your company’s achievements, other businesses might follow your steps and we can all grow together.


How to become an Advocate?

Contact us and share your customer experience using our solutions. During enrollment, you have the option to select the types of reference activities you prefer to take on as advocates, such as written case studies, video testimonials, banner ads or social media. Once the enrollment process is complete, you will receive confirmation of the membership.

Building a trustworthy community

We celebrate customers who take time to engage with us and advocate on our behalf. We believe that to embrace the future we must work together.

We have developed an Advocacy Program where everybody wins: we build trust and gain positive exposure, and you enhance your reputation and receive several other benefits.

The Customer Advocacy Program is a marketing initiative, eligible for all our partners, aiming to promote the achievements of your customers and inspire others to follow the same steps. It’s an opportunity to learn from your customer’s experience journey, while using our products, and to further develop your brand.

What are the Advocate Benefits?

1. Access to exclusive technical content

Be part of our R&D process and Roadmap. Share your insights, make feature requests and access special projects.

2. VIP invitation to CollabXperience

(conditions may apply)

3. Network with industry peers, executives and community
4. Advertise your company’s successes
5. Increase your position in the industry
6. Benefit from Collab monitoring program

Customer Monitored End to End
Alerts (Tickets, Outages, Usage);
Regular Satisfaction Surveys;
Sales & Partner Feedback

Associated TAM;
Ticket/Issue Prioritization;
Escalation Process Review;
Training Needs Evaluation;
Regular Status Checks

Periodic Review

What do we need from you?

Written Case Studies & Success Stories

Allow us to write a small story or case study (2-4 pages) about the challenges your company was facing, and the key benefits grasped after implementing our solutions. We will work closely with you to outline all the information we need for your success story.

Banner ad

Provide consent for us to use your company’s name online and in print formats, on a banner, and display it at events like CollabXperience.

Video Testimonials

(1minute video)

Record a brief video testimonial discussing your company’s challenges and how we are helping to solve them (recorded with an average quality camera).

Site visit

Allow Collab to visit your site with a client (from a different industry/ non-competitor) to present your achievements as a best practice.

Website & social media

Let us highlight your success story in our website and social media channels.

Speaking Slots

Be one of the speakers at third-party events or at CollabXperience and receive a free ticket or a promotion.

Talk to Us!

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