Artificial intelligence technologies are trending in the contact center industry. This manifests itself in different ways. Some are embedded deep in the intelligence of the system, some are customer-facing in the form of bots that help human agents assist consumers 24/7.

This is important, for multiple reasons. On one hand, most of the world’s population is on some kind of social media platform, which means that people expect to be able to seek customer service right there. On the other hand, the traditional app market has stalled. People are tired of downloading a mobile app for every single company or brand they interact with, and want to access those same functionalities via a central hub. This hub can be Facebook (Meta), Facebook Messenger, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, or another platform. This is why social media must be integrated into your contact center infrastructure and developing chatbots, with the help of new AI technologies, is a must.

Chatbots: hype or must-have?

The balance between AI and Human Interaction is key to a well-oiled support machine.

The goal of the chatbot is to provide immediate assistance to consumers, emulating the knowledge and charisma of a human agent. It should recognize at least 100 intentions and be able to identify the customer’s state of mind, including emotional cues. If it is unable to fix the problem, the chatbot will redirect the customer to the best human agent available. The agent, in turn, will have access to the previous interactions and greet the customer by name, fully aware of the problem and quickly able to offer a solution. This will speed up the whole process.

The neat part about chatbots is that they are infused with machine learning capabilities, which means that they’ll get better over time. Their knowledge base will grow and they’ll “learn” how to better help the human agent, offering a seamless customer service approach.

With OneContact Flows, you can easily implement multi-language chatbots, taking all these factors in consideration and choosing the right strategy for your business and your customers.

What about Speech Analytics?

With AI technologies in the contact center, quality monitoring / speech analytics systems become smart and predictive. The platform automatically analyzes every interaction coming in or out of the contact center, from call volume to emailed responses. What would be a massive undertaking for humans is a simple operation for the system.  By analyzing interactions, the platform monitors abnormal silence, overlapping voice streams (talkover), changes in volume, and even sentiment. The result is an incredible sentiment chart that showcases best practices for other agents, and also tactics to avoid.

Speech Analytics is now a key component in each major RFP we are addressing.

It’s all about conversational scripts

Customers have come to expect automated responses in certain stages of their support interactions. However, it’s important to offer the same engaging experience and clear information throughout the different channels. That’s the goal of Collab’s OneContact FLOWs, which unifies the conversation scripts to be used both by the Interactive Voice Response system and the conversational bot. This solution is key to further develop the chatbot “behavior.”

The chatbot will be trained to correctly identify “INTENTIONS” within hundreds of possible scenarios, as well as the “ENTITIES” involved, and what kind of immediate help can be provided. The more you train the chatbot, the better it will be able to detect the “EMOTIONS” displayed by the customer and rank them. Based on the valuation, the bot will determine if the conversation needs to be transferred to a human agent.


Based on Collab’s experience, the best way to train bots is using human agents, who will listen to the interactions and shape the bots’ reactions. Bonus: this option is a great way to optimize costs.

AI and Chatbots are here to help companies achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness, allowing managers and supervisors to run their contact center operations like a well oiled-machine. At the same time, the customer is being assisted  through a multitude of different touch points which helps to offer an unique customer journey

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