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Create a human-like conversation between a Bot and a customer. Evaluate sentiment and take real time decisions using artificial intelligence. 



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Artificial Intelligence

Integrated environment that allows both the creation of flows within a traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and flows of intents and entities with chat or vocal Bot assistance. These AI multilingual Bots are self-learning software systems that can be trained by the company’s staff. 

Omnichannel automated experience 

Customers have come to expect automated responses in certain stages of their support interactions. However, it’s important to offer the same engaging experience and clear information throughout the different channels. 

Speed up your conversation 

That’s the goal of Collab’s OneContact Flows, which unifies the conversation scripts to be used both by the Interactive Voice Response system and the conversational bot. This solution is key to further develop the chatbot “behavior.” 

Developing conversation scripts 

The chatbot will be trained to correctly identify “INTENTIONS” within hundred of possibile scenarios, as well as the “ENTITIES” involved, and what kind of immediate help can be provided. 

Smarter over time 

The more you train the chatbot, the better it will be able to detect the “EMOTIONS” displayed by the customer and rank them. Based on the valuation, the bot will determine if the conversation needs to be transferred to a human agent. 

All this training is established and conducted by OneContact Flows.

Based on Collab’s experience, the best way to train bots is using human agents, who will listen to the interactions and shape the bots’ reactions. Bonus: this option is a great way to optimize costs.

Quality Monitoring – Speech Analytics with

Speech Recognition & Sentiment Analysis 

Extract value from sentiments 

Collab has natively integrated market leading speech recognition capabilities into OneContact Quality Monitoring. 

This technology examines calls and assesses both the agent and customer’s tone; it transcripts voice into text to extract relevant information such as intents expressed through keyword trends or areas that need improvement. The results are indexed, searchable and can be used to improve customer experience and identify selling opportunities. This tool is split by 2 different modules: 

Data insights

For a bigger picture of the contact center. Analyze global insights like sentiment distribution, talkover and silence periods, overall sentiment of the interaction, word cloud with the most used words during the interaction, improper language and others. 

Interactions history 

You can access all the information that was extracted from the recording and see the evolution of sentiment levels (both for agents and customers) 

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