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big data for contact centers

The customer service industry has been changing to place the customer in the first place. In this evolution, Big Data for contact centers plays a major role – and successful companies are making the most of it.

Each contact center team, call center agent, and even each interaction is part of the auditable, monitorable data. If properly handled, this extensive and complex information volume we call Big Data for contact centers provides insights and business opportunities to leverage operations at any level. 

Big Data for contact centers 3

To manage and understand Big Data, there’s a common framework with three highlights. They are the 3 V’s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity and Variety.

Attention to data management, particularly in a climate of e-commerce and greater need for collaboration, can enable enterprises to achieve greater returns on their information assets”, explained Doug Laney of Gartner*, who coined the terms. 

The three Vs may be the key to leverage big data in any contact and call center. Learn how. 

1. Volume

The amount of information retrieved and stored in a contact center includes logs, screen recordings, voice recordings, CRM inputs, KPIs, social media, and much more. It’s an enormous amount of information and computing processes are needed in order to make sense of all of it and distill what’s important. Large amounts of data in contact centers are an essential element to guarantee that the data set is complete and has the relevance to provide the full picture of its activities.

2. Variety

Naturally, large amounts of data retrieved from various sources result in a wide variety with several different formats. This diverse aspect of big data makes processing data challenging from a technical point of view. It’s very different from application to application, much of it is unstructured, may origin from human-generated sources or machine-generated, either online or offline. For call and contact centers, every interaction must be a data point, regardless of the channel used. Variety is a big data element, but it’s also a characteristic of today’s customer experience, which happens in various channels. 

3. Velocity  

Regarding velocity in Big Data, we must address the speed and high frequency of data generation and the timely manner data is dealt with to maintain its relevance. Data may come in batches, bits, or streams. A big slice of data is generated in real-time. The data is received is a fast pace and acted on very fast.  Contact center platforms, like OneContact, provide real-time insights into the contact center activity, giving teams the speed and agility that is required nowadays.


Big data for Contact centers

It’s possible to amplify the success of contact centers by addressing an analytical point of view that leverages big data. Call center management must create space to understand Big Data results and ripe the benefits of a data-driven approach. By giving you complete visibility into user behavior, big data can be a game-changer.

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in processing and value contact center data. Automation allows the analysis big amounts of data and automate reporting to fit the need of supervisors and managers. For instance, the sentiment analysis feature detects, in any call, the intentions and sentiment of a given conversation between agent and client, flagging abnormal situations. Thanks to machine learning models, the speech analytics process can automatically extract the relevant features of an interaction in real-time, such as emotions or mood variation levels, abnormal silence (hesitation) and talkover periods. The results are indexed, searchable and can be used to improve customer experience, automate reporting and quality assurance and identify selling opportunities. Customer service companies are tapping this information to personalize messaging and spot trends. Bots are an essential part of the process because they can deliver contextual messages in a timely manner. This drives customer satisfaction. Thanks to tools like OneContact Flows, they are easy to build and deploy.


Another key software feature to highlight is the powerful reporting system that can digest and distill the big data to provide the business reporting insights in an easier way. OneContact Data Studio, the flexible reporting platform of Collab, merges data from different sources and makes the most of big data in flexible and fully customizable dashboards. The user can fully customize graph visualizations, colors, labels texts, and get business insights that result in operational gains, more efficiency, less average call time and general KPI improvement.

* Source: https://community.aiim.org/blogs/doug-laney/2012/08/25/deja-vvvu-gartners-original-volume-velocity-variety-definition-of-big-data

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