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The BotExpert allies Collab’s contact center technology to WDS knowledge-base. It’s a turn key solution for customer support – thanks to the complete and up to date knowledge hosted by WDS, your bots are ready to roll!
BotExpert enables customer support for all device related questions.
Our technology uses NLP (natural language processing) to understand customers intents and guide the interaction, providing device information and troubleshooting .

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Reduce customer effort
in the Contact Center 

Orchestrate customer support excellence from your contact center 


Human agents are invaluable. The bot can transfer the interaction to an agent. When the human Agent takes over, the UI displays customer & device context, accessing the KB in real-time 

TheBotExpert’s interface is equipped to ensure fast and
efficient responses. 

Agent View


The narratives and flow of the chat bot are set up in OneContact Flows.

  • It’s a web-based drag-and-drop creator of IVR and bot flows; 
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require coding skills 
  • It’s possible to edit and refine the conversations paths of the bot. The changes can be applied immediately. 
OneContact Flows

Meet our Partner, WDS

WDS mobile specializes in device knowledge and business intelligence. As a knowledge as a service provider, WDS detains a comprehensive and up to date knowledge base that covers all the leading technological devices used across the world

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