“With the conclusion of the Gamification Proof of Concept, the goals were largely met and even surpassed, which is why we decided to go ahead with a full rollout.”

António Veiga, Head of Contact Center at Vodafone


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Vodafone is rolling out an extensive gamification solution to all of its contact centres in Portugal, following a successful proof-of-concept period that surpassed expectations. The telecommunications giant partnered with technology provider Collab and designed a solution that is both fun and efficient, while delivering impressive results.


“Gamification was an area we wanted to explore for a long time,” says Vodafone’s Head of Contact Center António Veiga. “Our focus was to build upon our ACD platform and work with Collab to do this.” The project taps into Collab’s Nubitalk technology, which is 100% cloud-based, and should be fully implemented over the next few months. Around 120 agents are already onboard.


Vodafone already has one of the best contact centre infrastructures in the world but wanted to test a new gamification solution to further improve three key points: customer satisfaction, call duration, and first-call resolution.
The main goal was geared towards introducing positive training to help assistants, supervisors and coordinators improve their real-time performance.


Vodafone choose the Oporto location managed by RHmais to implement the pilot, which finished late last year with a team of 40 agents. The gamification platform on-boarded both consumer-oriented agents and client retention teams.
The platform uses game mechanics and design techniques to create a game-like experience for contact center agents while they work. Vodafone implemented the methodologies that Collab recommended and built a gamification platform that is based on Achievements, Quests, and Challenges.
All quests and challenges are designed by Vodafone using Collab’s software. “We were surprised to find some agents became full-on gamers, doing everything they can to grab every possible prize,” Mr. Veiga says.


With absolutely no changes in workflow processes or hardware investments, Vodafone saw almost immediate results. “We compared the pilot team with non-gamified teams and noticed a difference in customer satisfaction,” reveals Mr. Veiga. “We also measured a significant reduction in call duration, higher than expected, and better customer retention.” The impact is not limited to business outcomes. Gamifying the work day allows for a new dynamic between supervisors and agents, changing their relationship for the better and motivating workers in a different way.

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Vodafone Portugal, Telecom


Improve three key areas: customer satisfaction, call duration, and first call resolution




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OneContact and other internal systems


Customer satisfaction, call duration and first-call resolution.


António Veiga, Business Development Manager

” We also measured a significant reduction in call duration, higher than expected, and better customer retention.”

António Veiga, Head of Contact Center at Vodafone