Collab has been on a long journey with Vodafone, since the early days. Vodafone Portugal became our very first customer and a crucial vector for product development and roadmap. We could never miss one of Europe’s leading tech events, powered by Vodafone!

Collab’s relationship with the Vodafone Group started back in 2005. At that time, Collab brings a Unified Platform for Vodafone in Portugal: Contact Software as a Service, in its early days. This framework soon shows its advantages, such as single routing for distributed BPOs, immediate cost savings with call control and real-time monitoring, and reduced waiting time.

After a series of well-succeeded projects at Vodafone Portugal in the years 2005-2007, Collab opened its platform to the world and focused on expanding towards an international market. And the relationship with Vodafone crossed borders, reaching Hungary, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, among other countries.

Vodafone is, undoubtedly, one of Collab’s most important references, and as a satisfied customer, takes maximum advantage of Collab’s Ecosystem, including the Next-Gen Contact Center, Workforce Optimization, and Gamification. And we are very proud of the landmarks along the way.

As previously announced, The Arch Summit, one of Europe’s leading tech events, is powered by Vodafone. Collab wouldn’t miss it for anything and is inviting everyone who’s coming to visit us! The event will take place in LuxExpo, in Luxembourg, on the 26-27 of October, and you can find us at booth S9C70!

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> If you’re going to the Arch Summit, and would like to reach out to us, please, contact us by phone, e-mail, or the Arch Summit app!