Collab Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence

At CollabXperience 2023, the spotlight shone on excellence and collaboration. This year, Collab celebrated its 20th anniversary with a resounding return after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Amidst the festivities and knowledge-sharing, Collab took a moment to honor and cherish the invaluable partnerships that have been pivotal to its success. The CollabXperience’23 Awards, presented on the event’s first day, were a testament to Collab’s commitment to recognizing and cheering on its partners’ achievements.

Vintage Client and Partner: A Testament to Long-lasting Partnerships

CollabXperience 2023 began on a high note as Collab honored its vintage client and partner. These awards celebrated the enduring relationships that have been built over the years, standing as a testament to the trust, loyalty, and mutual growth that define Collab’s partnerships.

Vintage Client Award: Vodafone Portugal

António Veiga, Vodafone PT, received the Vintage Client Award from Collab founder Pedro Quintas.

This award not only recognized their loyalty but also highlighted Vodafone’s vital role in shaping Collab’s journey over the years.

Vintage Partner Award: Altice Portugal

Rui Pereira, Altice PT, received the Vintage Partner Award from Collab CEO, Pedro Rodrigues.

This award celebrated the continual innovation and success achieved through this partnership. 

Top Performers: Recognizing Excellence Across Regions

Collab’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its vintage relationships. The CollabXperience 2023 Awards also celebrated top-performing partners from various regions, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to the collaborative ecosystem.

Top Performer Europe: iAgility & SFR

Eric Joly and Antoine Sersiron, from iAgility, received the Top Performer in Europe Award from Fernando Brito Barros, Collab Account Manager, and Pedro Quintas, Collab founder.

iAgility & SFR were recognized for their exceptional achievements in the European market, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

Top Performer Africa: 1Stream

Jed Hewson and Bruce Von Maltitz, from 1Stream, received the Top Performer in Africa Award from Pedro Dias, Collab Account Manager.

1Stream’s dedication to customer service and innovative solutions has made a significant impact on the African market.

Top Performer LATAM: Cirion Technologies

Henrique Dornas and Javier De Godoy, from Cirion Technologies, received the Top Performer in LATAM Award from the Collab Account Managers Marcelo Pinto and Gonzalo Rodrigo.

Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was recognized with this prestigious award.

Top Performer Portugal: Axians

José Jordão, from Axians, received the Top Performer in Portugal Award from Paulo Porto, VP of Sales at Collab.

Their dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the Portuguese market was celebrated.

CollabXperience 2023 was a true celebration of excellence, partnership, and innovation, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the years to come. As Collab looks forward to the future, these awards serve as a reminder of the remarkable journeys taken together with its partners and the commitment to shaping a brighter future together.