Customer Interaction Hub

Meet our built-in CRM  – the Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) 

Customer Interaction Hub (CIH)

CIH is the real time customer interaction engine of OneContact CC. 

Our CRM solution is made to foster faster and better connections.  

As soon as the interaction arrives, the agent can see what’s needed in a glance: CIH displays issues pending resolution and the total context of previous interactions whether they happened by voice, video, email, chat, social networks or other channels. 

Previous Interactions and Issues

The agent can easily browse the interactions and issues queue, filter it and pickup the next interaction

Omnichannel Capabilities

As soon as the interaction arrives to the contact center, CIH identifies the customer and displays all the relevant info to the agent, regardless of the channel used.

Interaction Timeline

Graphic overview of recent actions and interactions of the client, including a list of necessary and completed tasks

Clear view

of profile and history of each client 

Faster support,

attentive and contextualized interactions 

+ Efficiency,

drive customer satisfaction and improve KPis 

Emailing Features

CIH includes advanced features for email management. Agents can apply categorization by issue type, display emails by thread, preview, download and attach files, use templates, select signatures, comment on an email, do a spell check and even send the email for approval.

Shelf and queue

Agents can store interactions in their private shelf for later handling and pick up interactions from the Public Shelf, that stacks all the agent’s unresolved queries.

Suited to your needs

CIH settings are easy to configure at OneContact Portal! SLAs, templates, signatures, contact uploading, issue operations and more options are configurable at one click.

Flexible capabilities and pricing

Save costs with CIH. This CRM operates in a simple but powerful way for companies of all sizes. Easy to learn and to setup, it’s a no brainer for contact center teams and a key differentiator of OneContact CC.

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