“The other vendors are still stuck in the old business model of onsite sales, they are not ready to be flexible both from a technical and business perspective.”

Aleksander Wiercinski, CEO, Cludo


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Cludo is a Polish Contact Center provider specialized in offering cloud based solutions. Integrated in Cludo ́s portfolio are OneContact CC and OneContact WFO powered by Collab and also other products like visual ivr and skrypter (scripting tool). Cludo is recognized as pioneer and market leader in Poland in providing hosted contact center solutions.


Back in 2012 when Cludo first started their business the market was highly competitive for onsite solutions and there were no differentiating factors between each provider. Everyone was offering the same software solutions based on Asterisk systems and they did not have a competitive advantage, either from the model (onsite vs. CCaaS) nor in terms of overall system functionality to address large customers.


Cludo needed to find a solution that would help them differentiate from their competition. So, after a market analysis, Cludo pointed out the following conclusions:

  • Lack of professional systems available in SaaS model
  • Lack of a software solution that would respond to the concerns of large customers
  • Business models based on unpredictable revenue
  • High cost and complex infrastructure present in onsite model

Cludo spotted also a new trend, contact center solutions (as other IT solutions) started to move from onsite model to hosted model. This was seen as an opportunity to accomplish one of cludo ś objectives: build a long term company a based on predictable and constant revenue stream typical of the SaaS model rather than unpredictable one off sales in the onsite model.


Why Collab

Collab was a new provider and offered a new approach to the market. Collab solutions are SIP based and Cludo was looking for an agile technology that enabled connectivity with multiple partners and systems. On the financial side, Collab presented a flexible business model, tailored to Cludo.

“Because Collab was new in the market, because the architecture was developed already with multi tenancy in mind, and because of your openness to this, your project was a success.”

Aleksander Wiercinski, CEO, Cludo


OneContact CC is multimedia contact center solution and OneContact WFO is a web-based, workforce management suite. With these platforms Cludo offers to their clients’ features like: Intelligent Routing, Auto-Dial, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice and Screen Recording, Quality Monitoring, Contact Management (Customer Interaction Hub), Multi-tenancy, Workforce Management (OneContact WFO).

By using OneContact CC as well as Cludo in-house developed technology they are now offering a unique in the market combination of mature, multichannel contact center sotware in a CCaaS model combined with carrier services.

With every additional customer, Cludo is increasing its monthly revenue stream in a predictable manner allowing them to grow in a steady way.


With the implemented solutions, Cludo was able to:

 – Move from onsite to hosted model;
– Gain agility and scalability to enter large customers;
– Offer new market solutions which allowed them to:

  • Be the biggest CCaaS provider in Poland (high end systems) with currently 1000 seats
  • Reduce costs with licensing and equipment
  • Implement a new business model built on three revenue streams (monthly subscriptions per agents/functionalities; professional services, custom solutions; carrier/telco services)
  • Revenue growth has exceeded 430% in the last year

Key Facts




Find a solution that would help them differentiate from their competition


OneContact CC, OneContact WFO



Aleksander Wiercinski, CEO


Intelligent Routing, Auto-Dial, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice and Screen Recording, Quality Monitoring, Contact Management (Customer Interaction Hub), Multi-tenancy, Workforce Management (OneContact WFO).

“It is a surprise for us. But at the moment, looking at our market we are the only serious provider of contact center software that is mature, multichannel and available for enterprise large customers in contact center as a service model. Cludo with Collab software is ready to go, with any customer, anywhere.“

Aleksander Wiercinski, CEO, Cludo

Cludo (cludo.pl) is a polish tech company expert in solutions for contact centers. It relies on Collab’s technology and on cloud computing to provide companies with engaging, efficient solutions for customer engagement.

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