Collab and Khomp, a leader in innovative hardware and technologies for the Brazilian telecommunication market, announced a technology partnership that enables users to benefit from a combination of both solutions.

The tests performed to the equipment confirm the compatibility between Collab solutions and Khomp’s KMG MS media gateways, ensuring their functionality with Nubitalk and OneContact CC, for both cloud and on-premises.

Collab will start using Khomp’s AMD (Answering-Machine Detection) system, that classifies calls and filters voicemail, fax or missed calls in outbound predictive campaigns, transferring only valid calls to the Contact Center agents.

architecture collab khomp

This feature allows an improvement on overall customer service’s performance, ideal for demanding scenarios such as banking, insurance, large carriers, and other businesses that have high call volumes and require robust, high-performance frameworks.

The technology was already tested with Collab customers in Brazil, in predictive outbound scenarios, obtaining very positive results on voicemail rates transferred to the agents (increments of more than 50% in the successful detection of voicemails) thanks to Khomp’s call classification process. Partners can follow the architecture recommended by Collab and replicate it in other geographies.

“This partnership with Khomp is strategic as it allows us to address the highly competitive Predictive Dialers market with outstanding performance gains. This is an area where Collab has always invested heavily, by providing our customers with an enterprise-grade solution with a high success rate and the shortest time between calls. With this partnership, I believe we will have an unbeatable performance and we challenge our potential customers to benchmark other solutions in the market, “said Carlos Vasconcelos, Executive VP Global Marketing at Collab.

“We believe that the integration of our products and platforms with Collab will bring excellent results in all Contact Centers, improving productivity and adding intelligence in its operations, which is something Khomp has been focusing on. We are ready for a global scenery, with adaptable technologies to each environment/ country, that will improve call classification and allow a real-time and accurate view of decision making in strategic levels, “said Jeremias Neves da Silva, Sales Director at Khomp.