Dear Valued Customers & Business Partners, 

We are excited to announce the strategic go-to-market integration of WDS Mobile and Collab, creating immediate opportunities to provide a wider product portfolio, with an advanced intelligence & data mining platform. 

WDS supercharges the Customer Experience for major brands such as Vodacom, Telkom and many others. The new combined ecosystem (Collab & WDS) will boost interaction automation & artificial intelligence capabilities, helping you understand & unlock the value of your customers.  

Collab & WDS are Lumine Group “sister” companies, part of the Customer Management Group. This closer relationship will allow us to take full benefit of our direct sales team + global partner network, representing a huge upshift that will immediately enable our partners with new products in their portfolio, and a range of professional services / training / certification.  

Also, for our/your worldwide customer base, this means access to top experts in the domains of AI, Device Intelligence and Data Mining, with a ready to use platform – WDS GlobalMine™.  

WDS expertise providing in-depth models for ROI calculations & simulations, can also be brought to our Customer & Partner ecosystem. 

Operationally, in the Collab team you may have already met, there have been some important changes moving forward:  

  1. Pedro Rodrigues, CEO at Collab, will be responsible for Collab & WDS P&L. 
  1. Sachie Bristow, former CEO at WDS mobile, will step up as WDS Chief Product Officer and will drive the synergies between the 2 product lines. 
  1. Paulo Porto, VP Global Sales at Collab, will also be responsible for Collab & WDS sales. 

This is an important milestone for Collab & WDS, but most specially to you, our Valued Customer & Business Partner ecosystem, with exciting new times ahead. 

We will start scheduling 1-to-1 meetings to further explain the Collab & WDS business model, exploring different scenarios that can leverage your Customer Experience. 

Onwards & Upwards, 

Pedro Rodrigues,