Collab just won a Portugal 2020 funding to invest in an Artificial Intelligence project for Contact Centers. With a total eligible cost of around € 1 million (€ 951,824.64, which Lisboa 2020 program will finance between 30 and 40% of it) and the completion deadline of June 2020, this funding will greatly enhance the company’s artificial intelligence engine capabilities.

The project is called AI4CC (Automation & Intelligence for Contact Centers) and it was developed in collaboration with the investigation center UNIDEMI from Nova University of Lisbon. It aims to reinforce research, technological development and innovation, and it’s supported by P2020/Lisboa2020 – a partnership agreement signed between Portugal and the European Commission, for the application of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in Portugal.

AI4CC’s main purpose is to develop a platform based on a Cloud Computing architecture, equipped with an Artificial Intelligence engine, that will support new functions in a Contact Center that Collab has designated as Center for Automatic and Intelligent Decision Making, technology that will be applied in its chatbot offer.

Chatbots are text or voice communication systems that allow interaction between a human client and an application based on artificial intelligence algorithms, maintaining a dialog that allows answering information requests or making simple transactions.

Therefore, the great technological challenge of intelligent bots is the ability to have an automatic decision engine that anticipates the problems of these automated communications. This engine continuously monitors several indicators of bot/ human conversation and can choose to transfer it to a human agent, with access to full context. Chatbots can be deployed on multiple channels such as websites, interactive voice response systems (IVR), mobile apps, social networks, via email, kiosks and IOT devices.

With this project, Collab intends to materialize its vision and launch a new contact center generation in the global market. This vision focuses on solving customer problems effectively and definitively, enhancing the quality of customer experience through optimized customer journeys. During the project’s execution, Collab accepts clients who want to prototype and help validate the solution.