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The Contact Center software house Collab added another digital event of worldwide scope: CollabINspire.

This event, held on November 26, brought together more than 60 Collab partner companies and selected customers from 21 countries, gathering hundreds of participants in a completely digital format. This recap article explains the event highlights and includes access to the event presentations in the Partners Portal.


Kindly note that this page was translated automatically. You may notice some anomalies.

Contact center management in a remote environment was, of course, a topic on the table. Pedro Quintas, Collab’s CEO, reinforced the strategy of offering a top customer journey with efficiency and speed in response (FCR) while supporting hybrid scenarios with tools for supervision.

Vodafone Portugal was one of the successful cases presented. António Veiga, head of Contact Center at this telecommunications company, explained how the Collab de Gamification solution improved the productivity of agents and became an essential tool to maintain the unity and motivation of the teams in remote work.

Under the motto “Fuelling Innovation from Inside”, Collab introduced themes such as the vision for the future and an overview of the current year. Among the agenda stood out the presentations of new innovative features. Nuno Centeio, manager of Collab’s R&D team, surprised the audience with the new Agent Scripting tool. It is a solution to build a script for agents in a very simple way. The user just needs to drag boxes. In a few clicks, the script is implemented and the agent has at your disposal a standardized, easy and quick guide to complete.

The OneContact Data Studio showcase was the presentation that generated the most enthusiasm and interaction. This new solution allows to visualize in real time all the contact center activity, showing the indicators and KPIs in a graphic and completely flexible way. Carlos Gonçalves, Product Management VP, assumes that this is one of the most fruitful and impactful solutions of the year in terms of product.

In terms of demos, Gonçalo Tomaz (pre-sales consultant Collab) presented the integration of OneContact CC with WDS Device Assistant. This demo showed how the implementation of a chatbot coupled with a knowledge base allows you to automate customer service, providing immediate answers to the most common questions.

Other speakers at the event included Hugo Sobral, Pedro Rondulha Gomes, Sérgio Xavier, Tiago Simões, Paulo Porto, José Luís Silva and Carlos Vasconcelos.

The event ended with a digital award ceremony, the CollabINspire Awards. Partners from around the world and renowned projects have been recognized.

CollabINspire Presentations and Video

CollabINspire was an invite online event, exclusive to partners and clients, so its contents and resources are restricted to the attendees. If you are a partner or client of Collab, feel free to consult and download the presentations at our partners Portal, using the button below. If you are not a member of our ecosystem, please get in touch with us to learn more.


CollabINspire Event Photos

To give you a glimpse of this event, here are some some images from the recording.