Here is the full recap of Collab’s annual event! CollabXperience’19 is an exclusive, invite-only event and 2019 edition took place from October 2nd to October 4th, at Costa da Caparica.

CollabXperience’19 reunited worldwide partners and selected clients, with over 100 attendees from 21 different countries. The venue was Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos, at Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon.


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The theme was “Leading Innovation Together”. This motto refers to the strong relationship that Collab establishes with its partners. Collab is steadily growing thanks to a network of partners who rely on their local knowledge and digital expertise to drive digital transformation in contact centers of their geographical area.

The CollabXperience’19 event included an award ceremony to distinguish relevant and innovative partnerships and projects. Check the winners here.

This wrap-up is divided in:

  • Presentations
  • World Café
  • Networking and leisure moments

Let’s cut to the chase and get this wrap up started! For starters, check the Presentations and Demos highlights.


The first day of the event was dedicated to business. Carlos Vasconcelos– marketing manager and the head of this event- inaugurated the stage and opened CollabXperience’19. He displayed a video overview of the past editions of CollabXperience (you can watch it here!).

Pedro Quintas


Pedro Quintas, Executive Board Member Collab

Pedro Quintas delivered the first presentation: Our Vision. Collab’s vision feeds on three strategic pillars: Cloud Readiness, AI and Automation and Digital Transformation. “We’ve achieved a state of maturity in those pillars”, said Pedro.

There were several factors that contributed to the maturity. One of them is the development of tools that rely on artificial intelligence and automation. Another key factor is the application of strategies to extract and incorporate consumer insights into Collab’s roadmap. Last but not least, Pedro announced that in 2019 Collab celebrated some large deals. Challenging new projects push our strategy forward and confirm that the market validates and supports our vision and products.

Paulo Porto


Paulo Porto, EVP Global Sales Collab

One thing
is for sure, Paulo made everyone smile with his funny slides!

The commercial growth of Collab was one of the focus of Paulo. The SaaS slice of Collab’s sales has been growing and this year (YTD) has reached 92% of the total licensing revenue from Collab.

But sales are not all roses. The sales team needs to tackle competition, legal constraints, being unknown in some markets or language barriers. Fortunately, Paulo’s team has a powerful strategy: consolidate partnerships, expand partner base and enforcing presence in every market by building local strong references on the different vertical areas, like finance & Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telcos and Outsourcers. According to Paulo, the focus is to take advantage of the benefits of our products, like Worldwide Cloud Offer/Infrastructure, strong and robust Omnichannel Contact Center solutions and competitive prices.


Patrick Pouliquen, Marketing Manager, Customer Relationship Solutions, SFR France

SFR is part of Altice group, a major player in telco and media, with a presence in many countries. In France, SFR is one of France’s top telecom companies. Patrick Pouliquen stepped the stage and shared inspiring insights and business details. “Our objective is to be the privileged partner to help companies in their digital transformation, with UC, security, IoT solutions and based on very high-speed networks”, said Patrick.

SFR has partnered up with iAgility and Collab and the benefits of this relationship were one of the highlights of the presentation. Patrick Pouliquen stated that it’s a win-win partnership that strengthens SFR and provides opportunities for SFR and iAgility to have a new value proposition on the market.


Frédéric Questroy, EVP Sales and Marketing, iAgility, France

The curriculum of Frédéric is remarkable: his experience in the contact center industry and in telecommunications give him a unique perspective on business. As a speaker on CollabXperience, Frédéric talked about the relevance of business partnerships with SFR and Collab.

He made very interesting points about the management of customer lifecycles. “After all, the truth is that the difference between ordinary and exceptional relationships sit in the ability to engage and be engaged”, he said.

Century Link

Guillermo Marmora, LATAM Regional Director – Voice and Unified Communications Services, Century Link

In Latin America, CenturyLink is present in more than 20 countries, has around 29 000 km of network infrastructure and 18 data centers. Those are some of the numbers that Guillermo Marmora used as an introduction in his slot at CollabXperience. Guillermo is CenturyLink’s LATAM Regional Director for Voice and Unified Communications Services. He acknowledges that technology is redefining how businesses engage with their customers and detailed how CenturyLink is responding to market needs. Some of the topics highlighted were unified communications, SIP Voice Services and UCC & Cloud Contact Center offers.


Martin Wild, SOGEDES, Germany

The aim of SOGEDES is clear: “Enabling companies to deliver value-driven
interactive experiences, having a focus on digitalization, automation and
artificial intelligence”. Martin went to the stage to explain how this applies
in their recent project with one of the top 3 e-commerce companies in Europe.
Powered by Collab’s technology, SOGEDES has been tackling project challenges
and is standing out from the competitors.

José Luís Silva Collab

DEV & SUPPORT, José Luís Silva, Collab

With Nuno Centeio, Hugo Sobral and Pedro Rondulha Gomes

The third day started with techie updates. New features and versions were brought into the spotlight. The team went through One Contact CC, Email and Chat enhancements and One Contact Portal enhancements, CIH and its total redesign, New Microsoft Dynamics Integration, SIP Connector, One Contact PBX and its new app, Gamification updates and Workforce Optimization evolution to HTML 5.

Stats worth mentioning:

  • Knowledge base has been enriched with new documentation to help support queries. In June 2019, Collab’s Support exhibits a Customer Satisfaction Score of 100%.
  • The runtime updates of the last version of OneContact, 3.7, have shown a dramatic increase in the overall performance of the system compared to the previous version. On top of it, this version consumes way less CPU in the SQL Server.


Carlos Gonçalves, Product Manager, Collab

Our partners and clients are essential to our success. Carlos’s role is to encourage, empower and use their knowledge and feedback. In his presentation, he explained how Collab is planning to leverage partner and customer insights to feed Collab’s product strategy and roadmap.

Here’s how:

  • Address real needs – Make sure our strategy and roadmap address the most relevant and real needs of our target group.
  • Ensure a great UX – Ensure that the roadmap delivers true value, by validating that we’re implementing the right features and providing a great UX.
  • Leverage your expertise – Leverage your market and technology expertise to generate high-quality insights from collected feedback.


João Pedro Marques, Special Projects, Collab

First-hand demo of a new launch: Live Agent Assistant. It’s a bot designed to help and guide the agent. The bot analyses customer’s queries and automatically suggests several possible answers. The agent selects one, edits it if needed and the message is sent without the need to type or search of bits of information. This feature is easy to use and time-saving, and the impact on productivity KPIs is expected to be big.


Carlos Vasconcelos, EVP Marketing, Collab

began by inspiring the audience with numbers: AI and Customer Insight tools are
in the top 10 Sales Technologies with Highest Projected Two-Year Growth. The
majority of marketers from companies with revenues between $500-999 M are
utilizing AI for predictive analysis and customer service. Trends and data shed
light on future marketing strategies, but Collab’s main goal is more important
than numbers. “Customer engagement made easy” is our statement and goal.

marketing updates brought by Carlos emphasized the marketing efforts towards
partners, namely in the productions of brandable sales kits for every product
module, informative webinars, and in the Customer Advocacy Program.

The event calendar slide was packed with trade fairs, showing Collab’s compromise in being present in several markets. “This year we didn’t refuse any partner request for backing up events”, told Carlos. Events, social media, digital paid campaigns, and content marketing all contribute to lead generation. Carlos displayed a new method of lead qualification that eases their management.

In 2019 Collab redesigned its social media strategy to grow a closer, symbiotic and friendly relation with the audience. Results show more engagement, more page views, more likes and more visits to our website.

Carlos closed the presentation with exciting news for 2020: a new Collab website!

After Carlos, Pedro Quintas shared some closing thoughts and thanked everybody.

Note: The presentations are available in our Partners Portal and are accessible to our partners and clients. Click here to open the Partners Portal and download the presentations.


During CollabXperience, the participants had the opportunity to discuss with Collab’s team and with experts from across the world thanks to World Café.
This is a methodology in which groups of people discuss a topic at a round table with the moderation of a host. After 15 minutes the topic changes.

The main themes were:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation;
  • Cloud Readiness;
  • Digital Transformation.

AI and automation conclusions

Price, low maturity and lack of organizational processes may stay in the way of the endless possibilities of AI.

Bots should identify themselves as bots, voice bots are more important than chatbots and click bots are a good alternative to chatbots.

Cloud Readiness conclusions

Network infrastructure, security concerns and 5-year long business plans may stop some organizations to take the jump into a cloud solution. On the other end, cloud contact centers keep growing (almost all Brazilian Contact centers are on the cloud, guests said). The fact that the cycles are faster and any new features became immediately available make it an attractive deploy solution. Besides, data shows a CSAT increase of 18% after cloud move.

Digital Transformation Conclusions

A lot of relevant topics were on the table under this theme. The understanding of the experts is that DT is a really wide topic and many companies are struggling to understand the reach of that shift in paradigm.
Attendees agreed that effective Omni-channel through a unified customer view will quickly become a differentiator. User experience and Customer Experience are key elements for the success of the digital transformation.


It’s not common to have so many contact center experts under the same roof! R&D leaders, commercial teams, business developers, CEOs, tech specialists… When such brains meet, amazing things happen. People exchange ideas and perspectives and leave the event feeling inspired and keen to drive enhancements and innovative practices.

Leasure and networking moments are meant to facilitate this state of mind. The Portuguese weather welcomed everyone with sun and warmness and presented a beautiful sunset that framed unique moments.

Check the best moments of CollabXperience’19 the photo gallery below.

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