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Remote Work Guide for Contact centers

Thanks to a secure, encrypted & cloud-based architecture supported by Microsoft Azure®, Collab provides customer support in every situation and ensures business continuity during the pandemic scenario of CoronaVirus. We decided to demonstrate how we handling the situation with this Guide about the Best Practices on Remote Work.


We’ve gathered feedback from the best contact centers, talked with numerous experts and compiled all the inputs into a hands-on guide with practical guidance for businesses of all sizes.

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The guide discloses key guidance about how companies can thrive in remote working scenarios and how to make the best of a home working contact center workforce.

Here are the two main trends that we are observing regarding the consequences of coronavirus contingency plans.

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Digital channels are king

Our communications are virtually based. We avoid as much as possible presential meetings and events. Video conferences, email, messaging and phone calls are our preferred channels to get in touch.


100% Remote work

Our architecture and infrastructure support secure remote work for our employees and we assure full functioning. We are available to address any upcoming needs from our partners and clients in real-time.

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