CRM Connectors 

Ally the best contact center capabilities with your CRM

Conjugate OneContact CC with the CRM information, all in the same interface.  

With our connectors, OneAgent Web is fully embedded onto the CRM interface as a CTI toolbar. Agents can manage customer phone calls, chat and email interactions directly within the CRM environment. 

The result is a simple and powerful way to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The CC’s capabilities are a click away

Agents can manage omnichannel interactions, consult KPIs, make call transfers and more. Thanks to click to dial, they can click in any contact in the CRM to call immediately.  

Leverage CRM’s information

The customer history gives agents the possibility for contextual conversations, providing a personalized and smooth customer support.  

Synched with your customer journeys

Recordings and interaction’s details are automatically stored in your CRM, providing ampler statistical data useful for lead management and reporting. 

Officially supported connectors 

Other integrations 

We can produce seamless integrations with your preferred applications. Get in touch with us to learn more 

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