While contact center solutions help with the calling campaigns, the CRM system is used to provide the agent with the clients’ details for personalized interactions. CRM integration enables easy connectivity between the CRM software and the contact center solution, allowing automated actions and canceling the need to switch over between two different screens.

CRM integration

Key Benefits of CRM integration

crm integration: access to information

1. Easy access to information

With CRM integration, you have a clear view of the profile and history of each client. Your teams have easy access to key and relevant customer information that pops up as soon as a new interaction starts. This enables seamless customer support.

crm integration: agent afficiency

2. Improved agent efficiency and productivity

With CRM integration, there is no longer the need to manually switch tabs every time an agent needs to use the contact center software (for calling functions) or the CRM system (to access customer data). This improves agent efficiency and enables faster support.

crm integration: contextual interactions

3. Attentive and contextual agent interactions

Having customers’ key information and all call-related data in one place helps deliver a more attentive and contextual customer experience. The data is real-time synced in both apps, which gives the agent a glimpse of the most important aspects of the customer profile/history to have in mind when interacting.

crm integration: preditive dialing

4. Intelligent predictive dialing

Predictive dialers are enabled with CRM integration. Agents are connected with an outbound number that has the greatest chance of a conversion.

How Collab can help you

Collab’s Customer Interaction Hub, our in-built CRM, is made to foster faster and better connections.  The moment an interaction starts, the agent is presented with everything he needs: issues pending resolution and the total context of previous interactions that happened in every channel. If you have any doubts or would like to know more about CRM integration or about CIH, do not hesitate to contact us.