Last week, Collab visited their partner Cirion Technologies, in Argentina. The goal was to join our partner for a unique event where the competitive advantages of Customer Experience (CX) were discussed.

The event “CX: una nueva realidad” (CX: a new reality) took place in Buenos Aires on the 24th of November and included the presence of some selected clients.

With customer experience at the center of today’s most important topics around customer service, there are some things we come to acknowledge:

Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business engages with its customers at every touchpoint of their journey and…

  • Interactions must be as “human” as possible
  • Customers must know we are on their side
  • Whenever possible, we must do more than the customer is expecting

Collab and Cirion teams went through the importance of CX and how we can improve our customers’ journeys with our next-gen solution.

Today, we share some moments of that day and thank everyone who joined us, and we thank our partner Cirion Technologies for jumping into this incredible initiative with us!