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Meet the new OneContact Data Studio, a reporting and monitoring platform for all the contact center activities!

Data Studio


Choose from a variety of modes to
suit different use cases



Contact center overview

Have an overview of the status of your agents and the time at work. This initial overview can be customized to your needs.


1-click distance to the key dashboards

Keep your favourite panels handy, review the ones you’ve seen recently and stay up to date with the latest suggestions of default dashboards.

Create flexible and fully customizable dashboards

The user can fully customize graph visualizations, colors, labels texts and so many other options.

panel data studio

Easy to adjust, drag, resize and sort

Zoom in/out in a time range over the graph or using the time picker dropdown

Share Dashboard with team via a sharable link, create a static snapshot or export in json format

Tag panels and find them easily


Alerts and notifications

Creat alerts to identify problems and minimize disruptions.
Alerts can be sent to Slack, Teams, Telegram, Google Hangouts & more.

Bring your data together

Share your dashboards via a sharable link, create a static snapshot or export in
json format

Explore & breakdown easily

  1. Choose metrics
  2. Select a breakdown
  3. Apply filters

Track & monitor with wallboards

The dashboards can be shown in wallboard mode in a playlist format, that can be previously configured by the supervisor.

Choose a view mode that best suits your purpose. TV mode is presented in a dark version, saving energy consumption and improving contrasts


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