Mixing game mechanics with work makes boring tasks more interesting, boosting employee’s productivity. The benefits of gamification are multiple, from training methods to meeting the business goals! Are you ready to meet them?

Benefits of gamification

1. Fasters skill training

Gamification can be integrated with corporate training, allowing employees to earn points. Applying game mechanics to the training is way more engaging than reading papers!  Quizzes and other methods are much more stimulating, efficient and have better measurable results.

These techniques aim to construct real-life scenarios and challenges in a risk-free learning environment. Gamification makes the experience more engaging, practical, and fun! Daily goals and badges also make employees excited about learning more!

Also, the fact that people learn through self-driven interactive training activities creates a more rewarding and meaningful experience.

2. Provides clear Call-to-Actions

Gamification provides employees with performance feedback, but also guidance as to what they should do next. This is also very useful for new hire onboarding. Employees are always presented with a series of steps to follow. With direct action hints employees know exactly what and when to do something. They know how they can improve, which enables an improved performance.

3. Boosts employees’ motivation and increases engagement

As social animals, human beings need socialization and to feel validated. This leads to a constant need for recognition of their efforts in order to feel happy with their work.

Adding game elements to the workplace allows employees to be recognized based on comparative improvement, and to be rewarded for completing tasks! This encourages everyone to become a better performer, increasing motivation and engagement!

4. Identifies top talent

The data extracted from the gamification app is also helpful for managers, giving them precise information about employees. The app becomes the source for every performance tracking needs.

5. Increases employees’ retention and loyalty

People enjoy attempting to achieve certain goals. These can also be implemented by managers for both the employee and the whole team, which can be rewarded once completed. With performance feedback, available on the app, employees can keep track of how they’re doing. If an employee is performing well, it will be more likely that they continue what they are doing right and not lead to looking for other career opportunities. These reward and feedback methods used with gamification strategies do boost employee motivation and satisfaction, improving their retention.

6. Meets goals and boosts KPIs

Setting clear and objective goals on gaming situations will increase employee’s engagement and promote individual responsibility for meeting performance expectations within the team. Credits and rewards are received every time a task is successfully completed, and goals are met, which motivates employees to go above and beyond!

Gamification also helps you to keep track of important key performance indicators (KPIs), giving you insights of each worker’s productivity data, team data, and other performance metrics important for your business.

How Collab can help you

With Collab Gamification you can meet business goals and drive employee motivation by bringing Gamification into the workplace! You can download our brochure for more information on this solution, or even take a look at one of our case studies!