Customer support plays a vital role in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. As technology continues to advance, self-service support options and the integration of bots have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers.

At Collab, we believe that Self-Service Customer SOPORTE is an empowering and growing trend that provides an array of benefits for the customer while giving companies a flexible solution for providing support 24/7. Bots are leading the race and can be a game-changer in customer experience. This blog post aims to shed light on the benefits of self-service customer support and the increasing prominence of bots in enhancing customer experiences.



Customer care and support are an important part of any business. Traditionally, people had to call a number or visit a store to have their issues and doubts solved. With self-service customer support, there’s no need to interact with an agent or representative.


The Power of Self-Service Support


Self-service customer support empowers customers by providing them with the tools and resources to find answers to their queries independently. From online knowledge bases and FAQs to video tutorials and community forums, self-service options offer convenience, accessibility, and instant assistance. Customers appreciate the freedom to troubleshoot issues on their own terms, saving time and effort in the process.

Self-service options give customers faster solutions that they can find in their own time. In fact, most people prefer to solve issues on their own and only reach out to support channels when they have no other solution.

Let’s jump to a real example: bots. A bot is an automated application designed to interact dynamically with the user, simulating the way a human would behave as a conversational partner. A bot with Artificial Intelligence can resolve more than 70% of customer queries.


The Emergence of Bots


Bots, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have emerged as game-changers in the realm of customer support. These intelligent automated assistants are capable of understanding and responding to customer inquiries in real time. Bots can handle a wide range of tasks, from providing basic information and order tracking to processing refunds and facilitating product recommendations. With the ability to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, bots significantly reduce wait times and enhance customer satisfaction.

Usually, bots start by handling simple questions through webchat, providing customers with info from FAQs or knowledge bases. They are valuable to perform tasks that are simple and repetitive and often do it faster than a person could. This kind of simple bot is very easy to build and can retrieve information from various sources (databases, FAQs, websites) and use it to provide customer support.

Nowadays, bots can handle more complex customer needs. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, bots can solve questions about customer private accounts that need authentication or even perform operations (like buying, selling, transferring money, or others). They can recognize speech (voice recognition), evaluate sentiment, detect intents, reply in a customizable voice, and flag unusual occurrences. Thanks to AI, bots know when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity, and when to direct users to a human agent.

Bots are:

  • Easy to build, deploy and enhance;
  • Disponible para interacciones de voz y chat;
  • Marcables y personalizables según sus necesidades.


Benefits of Self-Service Tools & Bots


Availability and Accessibility: self-service options and bots are available 24/7, allowing customers to seek assistance at any time, regardless of business hours or geographical location. This ensures customers never feel stranded or left waiting for support.

Faster Resolution: bots can swiftly analyze customer queries, providing accurate and relevant responses in a matter of seconds. This expedites issue resolution and improves the overall customer experience.

Cost Efficiency: self-service customer support and bots help businesses save on labor costs by reducing the need for a large support team. With automated responses and comprehensive knowledge bases, companies can handle a larger volume of customer inquiries without compromising quality.

Personalization: advanced AI algorithms enable bots to analyze customer data and personalize responses accordingly. This enhances the customer’s experience by providing tailored recommendations and solutions.

Agents have more time for more important interactions.


Historias de clientes


Self-service channels are easy to implement. At Collab, we have many projects that deliver this experience. They rely on OneContact Flows, que es nuestra herramienta para diseñar el camino de la interacción entre el cliente y el contact center. Los flujos se denominan IVR (respuesta de voz interactiva), para interacciones de voz. Para interacciones web o visuales (como chat en vivo), los flujos se denominan IVR web.



Met Pandair Travel Web IVR

Nuestra agencia de viajes virtual, PandAir Travel, implementó un Collab Web IVR en su sitio web. Los clientes abren cualquier sitio web que contenga la tecnología Collab Web IVR y pueden iniciar inmediatamente la navegación en menús visuales hermosos y autoexplicativos. Después de navegar por las diferentes opciones y flujos, los clientes también pueden optar por iniciar una interacción en vivo o ser contactados más tarde. ¡Véalo en acción en el video a continuación!

Cuando la interacción se pone en cola para un agente humano, Collab Web IVR muestra la posición en la cola y el tiempo de espera esperado.
Los clientes pueden en cualquier momento salir de la cola y solicitar una devolución de llamada posterior.

El camino del cliente se realiza un seguimiento en el sitio web o las aplicaciones, por lo que cada punto de contacto contribuye a proporcionar contexto a los agentes y / o encaminar la interacción correctamente (enrutamiento inteligente). Cuando el agente recibe la interacción, toda la información está sincronizada: el agente ve el viaje del cliente en el sitio web y conoce cuáles son sus destinos y fechas preferidas. ¡Los agentes ahora pueden brindar un soporte más personalizado y más rápido!


Taking home–banking to another level with a Vocal Bot

Los bots se pueden utilizar para acelerar el proceso de apertura de nuevas cuentas bancarias y para habilitar la banca desde casa directamente desde el teléfono del cliente. Un bot guiará la llamada a través de un menú de opciones; gracias al reconocimiento de voz, el bot es capaz de comprender la voz del cliente, proceder a la autenticación y realizar operaciones bancarias.


Mejora de CX en telecomunicaciones con un chat bot

Collab trabaja en estrecha colaboración con empresas de telecomunicaciones. Un ejemplo del valor de los bots en esta área es la implementación de un bot conectado a toda la información de los dispositivos disponibles para la venta. El bot está presente en cada página de producto, por lo que cuando un cliente está buscando un nuevo teléfono inteligente, el bot puede responder a cualquier pregunta sobre las características técnicas del dispositivo.

How Collab implements bots for self-service support

Para implementar la asistencia al cliente de autoservicio, Collab utiliza OneContact Flows. Con una interfaz gráfica e intuitiva, One Contact Flows es fácil de usar y no requiere habilidades de codificación. El usuario solo necesita colocar las casillas y definir la ruta del flujo de conversación. Cada cuadro representa un paso de la interacción. Con respecto a las opciones de implementación, ¡puede implementar sus bots en cualquier canal! Estas son las opciones:

Widgets para potenciar su sitio web
  • Customers can interact with the Contact Center, with no costs, through our Click to Interact Widgets available at OneContact CC! They can be deployed on any website or application so the customers can reach out to the company in their preferred channel.
  • ClickToVideo & ClickToCall – Uses the WebRTC technology for calls and video calls, through a browser.
  • ClickToChat – Uses Collab’s WebMessenger with a responsive interface available on all platforms, including mobile.
WhatsApp y Facebook
  • Nos integramos con las redes sociales, por lo que puedes brindar atención al cliente en cualquier canal.
  • Nuestra implementación basada en la web se adapta a la plataforma que elija. Esto significa que puede implementarlo dentro de sus propias aplicaciones.

As technology continues to advance, self-service customer support and bots have become integral to modern businesses. Embracing these tools empowers customers, reduces costs, and enhances overall customer satisfaction. By combining the benefits of self-service options and the efficiency of bots, companies can create a seamless and efficient support system, setting the stage for success in the digital age.


See how it works! Watch the OneContact Flows video