managed services and hypercare

Managing a contact center ecosystem is a complex matter – there are many factors to juggle and connect to get top efficiency. Thanks to Collab Support & Maintenance, companies can focus on their business – the nitty-gritty technological implementations, maintenance, and configurations are performed by our team of experts.

Managed Services and Hypercare by Collab

En Collab, puede confiar en nuestro equipo de Servicios Administrados (equipo de DevOps que administra Nubitalk) para administrar y respaldar la disponibilidad del servicio en las diferentes plataformas: OneContactCC y OneContactPBX. Te ayudamos a alcanzar la excelencia operativa. Realizamos chequeos regulares, resolvemos problemas potenciales antes de que ocurran, identificamos desafíos, mitigamos interrupciones y riesgos y aseguramos la continuidad en todos los niveles. En resumen, es un diferenciador llave en mano que te ayuda a sacar el máximo partido a tu plataforma de contact center.

José Luís Silva, Director de Tecnología de Collab, ha estado desarrollando de cerca los vectores de soporte y mantenimiento para todo el ecosistema de Collab. Explica cómo esta oferta aporta una amplia gama de beneficios a socios y clientes.

Jose luis silva

“The Managed Services offer allows our partners to focus on the business and the integrations they can provide to their customers without the hassle of keeping the system up to date and proactively monitored. The team takes care of everything to ensure an up-to-date and healthy system with all the lessons learned from managing the Nubitalk platform”.

José Luis Silva, director de tecnología

What we offer you

Our maintenance and support options include Managed Services, Gerente de Éxito del Cliente, Technical Solution Architect, Handover to Support, y Hypercare offerings. They range from extended support teams to single point-of-contact experts. Their attribution is done according to the companies’ unique needs, always with one goal in mind: to propel better management of contact centers.

To learn more about the support and maintenance solutions provided by Collab, do not hesitate to Ponerse en contacto with us. We are glad to help and clarify any questions you may have.


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