Power up your Customer Journey

Create and manage your IVRs easily with OneContact Flows

One Contact Flows is a service to design communication flows between contact centers and customers, defining customer experience with the contact center from start to finish

With alerts for wrong or absent edges

Scalable and editable

Browser based, no installation required

Visual, intuitive interface

Ensure the best customer experience throughout every touchpoint

No coding skills required

Design simple and complex flows in a graphic and intuitive interface.


Open, import and edit xml files from Microsoft Visio or JSON scripts.


Enhance your flows agility by retrieving context information from your CRM. Our contact center suite integrates seamlessly with leading CRM providers, such as Dynamics 365, Sugar and Zendesk.


Extensive set of functionalities, variables types and options to design and implement both simple and complex flows.

Embed intelligence for smarter journeys

OneContact Flows can be empowered with Artificial Intelligence for conversational, advanced flows with self-learning capabilities. Deliver engaging experiences across all channels everywhere and every time and upgrade your customer service with intelligent flows.

  • Built, deploy and train bots easily;
  • AI-based self-service systems are constantly with use, enabling a continuous react and adaptation to the ongoing conversations to business needs.

Conversational and Intelligent IVR (voice)

When using AI within OneContact Flows for voice interactions, all the callers need to do is describing, in their own words, the reason for the call.

Natural language understanding technologies capture the caller’s speech and intentions and can reply in a customizable human voice or route the phone call to a human agent.

Intelligent Web IVR & Chat Bots

Create flows for your customer’s chat interactions from messaging channels and service desks. Build a self-service chat that constantly learns and enhances its responses according to what your audience needs. The customer can choose to talk to a human agent at any moment!

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