Google Cloud powers AI Collab Contact Center solutions

The goal is to leverage artificial intelligence technologies

google Cloud Collab

The software house Collab has been expanding its international presence with OneContact CC, a cloud contact center suite designed to boost customer engagement. Now, Collab has officially partnered up with Google Cloud and expands its array of artificial intelligence technology dedicated to deliver automated and engaging customer experiences.

Google Cloud AI solutions for contact centers provide human-like interactions and expand the possibilities of AI-powered conversation. Blending those technologies with Collab contact center brings to customer service more operational efficiency, lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Carlos Vasconcelos, VP Global Marketing at Collab, explains this partnership. “We want to focus particularly on two vectors: quality monitoring with speech analytics and OneContact Flows. Regarding Quality Monitoring, artificial intelligence is very powerful for monitoring and management”. He also elucidates what is OneContact Flows and how it integrates with Google Cloud. “Flows is our tool to build and deploy IVRs. It’s integrable with Google Dialogflow to produce bots with artificial intelligence. In layman’s terms, it allows to easily build a bot that can converse naturally with customers, deal with complex cases and has self-learning capabilities”.

Collab develops contact center solutions in a cloud-based architecture and has a strong focus on innovation. The embedment of artificial intelligence in their products allows to automate operations and create engaging customer experiences.