Today, customer experience provides a holistic experience – both online and offline. Companies are not only realizing the importance and potential of improving their CX, but also the fact that social media supports it.

We can define customer experience by the number of interactions a brand has with its customers across all channels, including social media. Thus, it is only clear that social media should be leveraged to support the CX. It can be used as both a research tool (where pain points in the customer journey can be found) and a channel to reach the right customers at the right time.

With the evolution of technology, social media has started to play a key role in interactions with customers. Everyone is interacting on different social media platforms – be it customers, marketing executives, etc. It’s easy to understand that social media is a place full of business opportunities, where people are looking to strengthen their relationships with their audience.

Customers can now use their preferred channel to contact any company. If a brand takes the time to build a connection, that is something that is highly valued and may turn into customer loyalty.

In contact centers, for instance, having an omnichannel solution that allows you to have a global look at all customer interactions through the different social media platforms is a must-have, as it enables a better understanding of your customer journey and of what your customer needs.

But also, you can use social media to improve your relationships with your target audience by:

  • Meeting and engaging on the customers’ preferred platform(s)
  • Sharing interesting, relevant content.
  • Building and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers.
  • Encouraging empathic behaviors towards your product/service/overall brand.

How Collab can help you

Collab helps you be one step ahead of what’s happening in your customer journey to better answer your customers’ needs. OneContact by Collab is a 360º contact center solution that combines multiple communication channels, all in the same interface. It is synched with your customer’s journey, giving agents the data they need to provide personalized and smooth customer support.