Gamification is a growing trend in employee engagement. It stimulates employees to reach certain goals in a digital environment. The benefits of gamification mechanisms have been previously discussed, along with some tips to boost employee satisfaction with these tactics. The theory is simple: everyone likes games, and we all like a little bit of friendly competition—as well as the rewards that come from it. But how are employees engaged? Today, we’ll let you know how gamification helps increase employee engagement.

Increase employee engagement with Gamification

Gamification allows employees to learn new skills, new behaviors, and new ways of solving problems, which motivates them and keeps them engaged. They improve their skills and reach company goals while being rewarded and receiving consistent positive feedback.

Understand how gamification increases employee engagement

It reduces the onboarding time

Points-based games, like quizzes and trivia, are a very effective way to help employees measure their knowledge and identify areas for improvement. Gamification makes employee learning and training more interactive and engaging. Gamification enables organizations to get instant feedback about agents. They get their performance data on short-time intervals, which makes onboarding faster and less time-consuming.

It improves collaboration within the team

Gamification contributes to a healthier environment in the team and a greater sense of collaboration.  It becomes easy to pool agents according to their best skills, increasing the knowledge level of the team as a whole.

It gives instant feedback

Gamification provides instant feedback on where an agent stands in comparison to their colleagues. The employee has access to the team information and knows if some extra effort is required to gain some points and be rewarded! The organization will also be able to track the agents’ work and understand how they are doing.

It recognizes and rewards good performance

Rewarding agents for their contributions is the most effective way to encourage better employee performance. Rewards increase employee engagement by adding an element of spontaneity. Plus, unexpected rewards make it more likely that employees will learn and repeat behaviors that are good for your business. On-the-spot recognition certificates are also a powerful gamification tool to make the workplace more exciting!

Skills are improved while playing a game!

Now…how can you not be engaged in your tasks if you’re ultimately playing a game? Employees learn faster, and their skills are improved while they are excited, having fun…playing games! Games that, at the end of the day, help companies reach their goals!

How Collab can help you

With Collab Gamification, you can meet business goals and drive employees’ motivation by bringing Gamification into the workplace! You can download our brochure for more information on this solution, or even take a look at one of our case studies!