“With the successful PBX migration to IP we have increased efficiency by more than 50%”

Jakub Molek, Intrum Justitia expert


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In association with Cludo, Collab has successfully implemented OneContact hybrid cloud solution for a contact center management at Intrum Justitia.


Intrum Justitia was founded in 1923, offering a comprehensive range of services, including purchase of receivables, aimed to improve the customer cash flow and increase their long-term viability. It employs more than 100 agents who contact debtors as well as support enforcement among other B2B processes.


The previous contact centre system used at Intrum Justitia had been under development for more than 15 years. Despite the expertise of Intrum Justitia’s specialists and the support of a trusted vendor, the company was experiencing numerous difficulties with the old platform:

  • Limited functionality of the on-premise solution;
  • Complicated inflexible architecture and technological debt of many components of the CC system;
  • Limited functionality and poorly scalable integration with the CRM systems;
  • High maintenance costs – inadequate for the functionality provided. Limitations of the CC system were the reason for low unsatisfactory efficiency of the entire process of running telephone campaigns.

It was important for Intrum Justitia to choose a new solution specially aimed to increase the negotiators’ efficiency in the CC. A CCaaS hybrid system would be the optimal solution to adopt.


The legacy PBX cluster was eliminated from Intrum Justitia’s system and replaced with an IP PBX solution. The full CC system for Intrum Justitia was scheduled to be completed in three months. After a month of work, the board decided to make a major modification to the project, requesting Collab to launch the project 2 months earlier. It was not entirely possible to shorten the delivery time of the entire order but together with Cludo, a satisfactory solution was achieved.

In May, a simplified version of the system was launched, having limited integration with the CRM, but with the most important features live on 25% of all the CC stations, continuing the work on the full solution.

The culmination of the joint effort came in August 2017 with the transfer of the PBX to IP and the implementation of the complete platform on all CC stations in September.


Intrum Justitia has now a better process flexibility and integration with the CRMs. Many manual operations have been eliminated in the workflow of call center supervisors and CC negotiators. In some products, efficiency has increased by more than 50%.

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Increase the negotiators’ efficiency in the CC


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Jakub Molek, Intrum Justitia expert




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“Intrum Justitia managed to maintain the right proportions and increase efficiency through automation and waste elimination in the process, as evidenced by the opinions of the employees themselves”

Jakub Molek, Intrum Justitia expert

Cludo (cludo.pl) is a polish tech company expert in solutions for contact centers. It relies on Collab’s technology and on cloud computing to provide companies with engaging, efficient solutions for customer engagement.