A script guides the agent through an inbound or outbound call. The agent receives the right prompts at the right time, making it easier to handle the conversations with customers.

Keep the consistency of your service with Agent scripting

Agent Scripting guides the agent through each interaction by structuring, enriching, and optimizing the conversation. It provides the agent with personalized solutions that ease the workflow.

Some calls demand that a script is followed, but for others it may only be a recommendation for the agent. It is important to keep in mind that agents must be able to opt out of the script when appropriate or needed, though. Agents should not feel limited or unable to express empathy.

A script should be simple and easy to understand – it must be easily memorable for a natural interaction. You should also have an easy-to-use tool, like Agent Scripting by Collab, that allows you to build and maintain scripts.

Consistency with Agent Scripting

Scripting calls may bring you multiple benefits, being the consistency of the service one of them. Agent scripting ensures that the brand’s core messages and values are the base of every interaction. Following a script guarantees that customers experience a similar (and positive) experience and level of service. Scripting makes sure customers are treated consistently, regardless of the agent, getting all the same response when they call with a specific issue. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Having a script ensures consistency across a call center and allows agents to listen to the customer’s needs without having to worry about remembering what to say or how to act.

Script-based interactions can also be reviewed using analytics and quality monitoring. In Collab, we offer you Speech Analytics, our Artificial Intelligence solution with Sentiment Analysis. This technology examines calls and assesses both the agent and customer’s tone, turning data interactions into insights. Sentiment analysis can be a very useful tool to determine which interactions should be reviewed in order to get actionable results faster.

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How Collab can help you

Agent Scripting, by Collab, allows the implementation of powerful scripts, with different levels of complexity, and the possibility to reuse some script blocks in different situations or campaigns. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to request a demo!