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One year with Lumine 

In March 2020, Collab entered into a new ecosystem of innovative companies.


Collab’s story is rich in innovation and growth. On this +15 years story, there’s a milestone we must highlight: our acquisition. It was at the beginning of 2020, more precisely in March 2020, that Collab was welcomed into Lumine. At the time of writing this article, we are completing one year with Lumine. To celebrate, we decided to share takeaways and reflections on how we achieved growth while keeping true to our vision.

First of all, allow us to introduce Lumine Group, a global team dedicated to acquiring communications and media companies. Lumine is a buy and hold forever acquirer of businesses, and makes companies thrive by sharing best practices, strategic guidance and promoting synergies between the ecosystem of companies.

Pedro Rodrigues, CEO of Collab, reveals that this year was eventful for Collab and acknowledges the potential of implementing group best practices transversally to promote operational efficiency and growth.

Pedro Rodrigues Collab
“Looking at all that we overcome this year, all I want to say is a big THANK YOU. First, to Collab employees. They have shown strength, flexibility and commitment during challenging times. I feel grateful to have such an amazing team by my side. I also must thank our ecosystem of partners and clients. They trusted us to continue to build a mutually prosperous environment. Last but not least, I thank Lumine, who has been essential for us to reach new heights by aligning our business strategy with management best practices.”

Pedro Rodrigues, CEO

Lumine Integration Process and Goals Achieved

Post-integration with Lumine was managed remotely due to the circumstances. Even so, there’s a solid relationship between Lumine and Collab, with proximity and trust.

Upon acquisition, Collab was introduced to the Lumine Group Playbook. The Playbook is a guide of best practices created by Lumine, built with the industry expertise and know-how of their extended experience. After that, Collab adjusted and created annual and quarterly goals and implemented operational changes to mirror and evolve on the best practices. We have been observing great results from this approach.

It is also important to highlight that teams responded very well to the integration process. There was a lot to learn at first given that we were operating in a new fully remote model and under Lumine’s guidelines. After a year, the feedback is very positive and the employees are glad to be engaged in a group that drives innovation and understands our business.

Igniting New Opportunities

Entering a group like Lumine enables new possibilities for companies, and we felt that at first hand. Firstly, it opens new paths for talent management. Lumine provides exceptional talents with professional development opportunities to support scaling and growth requirements. Collab is a very good example of that. After joining Lumine, Pedro Quintas was promoted from CEO to Sub Group Leader of Lumine Group. In addition, Pedro Rodrigues has also been promoted from Collab’s COO position to CEO (read more here).

The knowledge-sharing practices of Lumine give access not only to the aforementioned Playbook but also to formation sessions, online training on a wide range of topics, and fruitful conversations with the ecosystem of companies who are a click away. We find this very useful for personal and professional growth.


Do want to learn more? 

Lumine has a one-year post-acquisition case study of Collab that further explains the highlights of the year.  Check it out here