Meet business goals and drive employee motivation by bringing Gamification into the workplace!

Gamification is a tool to shape behaviors, develop skills and drive outcomes – making work more appealing, motivating and fun while meeting company goals.

Proven Results

Meet goals and boost KPIs

Your current KPIs can be used to create quests and challenges. Your agents acquire points that can be used to purchase awards or for career progression.

Increases employee retention and loyalty

Control your turnover rates by keeping your agents happy
and engaged!

Faster skill training

Boost teams capabilities by intertwining e-learning with gamification, rewarding agents for expanding their knowledge and expertise.

Identify top talent

Let your employees shine! Identify best performing agents for promotions and provide extra motivation for the ones that are not performing so well.


“With Collab Gamification we have significantly increased motivation, productivity and internal skills, without reducing SLAs. All of this was achieved in a fun and gaming-like atmosphere.”

Vasco Canha, COO at AXA Assistance Portugal

A sneak peek on how it works



The virtual store is where the credits earned can be traded for the available prizes. The rewards can be as simple as a chocolate bar, a pendrive, merchandise or even a salary bonus.


Find out who is ahead of the game with real time statistics of KPI evolution, wallboards and leaderboards and receive a daily report of the activities of the last 24 hours.


Challenges, quests, achievements, well of fortune… The possibilities are huge so everyone stays motivated to earn more points. Adapt the games to your needs and campaigns and harvest the results!

Add-ons to Enrich your gamification strategy


Dive into new realities! Narratives create a thematic and customizable look and feel.










Allow your players to take charge and challenge each other! Users can use defy a random opponent, choose a colleague for a friendly challenge or even bet their credits in the casino challenge

Here are some of the indicators that can be used in a Gamification Strategy

First Call Resolution


Average Handling Time

Customer Retention

Customer Satisfaction / NPS

Team vs individual performances

With the conclusion of the Gamification Proof of Concept, the goals were largely met and even surpassed, which is why we decided to go ahead with a full rollout

António Veiga, Head of Contact Center

Case Study Vodafone >

By combining GeoGamification with multimedia contact center, this booming sector will have richer experiences and greater motivation for discovering touristic itineraries and cultural experiences.



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