Choosing the best contact center software is crucial for any business. Every day, customers reach out with questions. In each inquiry lies an opportunity for your business to grow. But how do you choose the software that can meet all your business needs? Here are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing the contact center software for your business.

best contact center software

1. What is a contact center software?

The primary goal of any contact center solution is to route customer contacts to the best agents available. The software keeps a record of all these interactions.

The simplest purpose of this software is to route inbound phone contacts, allowing agents to answer incoming calls. On the other hand, the outbound functionality is designed to reach customers. This might comprise a set of optimization technologies to improve efficiency, including auto-dialers and predictive dialing.

A blended solution is, as the name suggests, one that features both inbound and outbound calls at the same time.

How to choose the best contact center software?

A good, modern contact center software solution will also comprise web IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), a platform that directs inbound contacts to a personalized support experience, and quality monitoring processes to continuously improve customer service and agent performance.

The possibility to integrate conversational bots, along with other AI technologies, is key for high-end contact center software. So is the ability to introduce gamification mechanisms to engage agents and significantly improve the contact center’s daily operations.

2. Omnichannel Customer Experience

A solution that allows a blended customer experience across multiple channels. This solution allows the user to be assisted seamlessly and the agent to easily check past interactions through the different platforms (email, social, instant message, voice, video, WhatsApp, and Skype).
Be on the lookout for contact center suites that are easy to deploy and provide user-friendly interfaces.

3. Reporting & insights capability

When choosing your contact center software, make sure it includes advanced reporting capabilities. These tools may be customized to better suit the agents and their supervisors, providing real-time insights. These insights help them both make better decisions every time. It can be browser-based or a mobile app.

4. Integration capabilities (modules and CRM)

It’s wise to invest in a software that allows the company to buy and integrate additional modules. This enables the contact center to expand. It should also be compatible with the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and legacy tools.

5. Contact center software scalability and price

Os melhores pacotes de software são escalonáveis e capazes de crescer com os negócios. Isso significa um preço de entrada mais baixo, pois os custos serão ajustados às necessidades crescentes ao longo do tempo, quer isso signifique mais agentes humanos, mais recursos ou ambos.

6. Security & data protection

Is the software GDPR-compliant? Companies operating within the European Union are now obligated to fulfill a hefty set of data protection, privacy, and security requirements imposed by the new General Data Protection Regulation. The new legislation is particularly burdensome for businesses that deal with customer data on a daily basis. Collab’s contact center software is GDPR-compliant from the get-go, providing peace of mind for businesses of any size.

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