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IDC has developed an assessment tool, together with Collab, to measure the level of maturity of a company’s Customer Experience Management. Just answer a few questions about the way you engage with your target audience and automatically receive a free report with recommendations for future decisions.



"The other vendors are still stuck in the old business model of onsite sales, they are not ready...

Case Study 1Stream

Case Study 1Stream

1Stream decided to migrate from on premises to the cloud with Collab, and they are now a leading provider. This Case study 1Stream demonstrates how

Bots and AI in Contact Centers

Bots and AI in Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence technologies are the next wave of innovation in the contact center industry and bots are changing the scenario

eBook Customer Journey Trends

eBook Customer Journey Trends

This eBook portraits a client’s journey throughout the several customer care channels. Inbound, Outbound and AI are some of the highlights


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