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IDC & Collab

IDC has developed an assessment tool, together with Collab, to measure the level of maturity of a company’s Customer Experience Management. Just answer a few questions about the way you engage with your target audience and automatically receive a free report with recommendations for future decisions.

Webinar: Agent Scripting

Webinar: Agent Scripting

Creating scripts is easier with Collab, thus simplifying your workflow and enhancing business compliance

Millennials and Brands: How to Appeal and Communicate

Millennials and Brands: How to Appeal and Communicate

When deciding how to appeal and communicate with millennials, it is important to consider that they make up one-fourth of the population, include 79 million people, and have 170 billion in annual purchasing power.

NPS for Contact Centers

NPS for Contact Centers

Measuring customer satisfaction and assessing their experience is an important point for any contact center. That’s when NPS for Contact Centers steps in. NPS means Net Promoter Score and it’s a metric that assesses customer satisfaction.

One year with Lumine

One year with Lumine

In March 2020, Collab entered into a new ecosystem of innovative companies.
ollab’s story is rich in innovation and growth.


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