While companies must adapt their work organization to the current exceptional situation, SFR Business continues to meet their need for flexibility and announces a Customer Relationship Management offer: Global Contact Center.
With the crisis, companies have had to rethink their relationship with their customers to maintain the quality of their service. They must both be able to respond to clients regardless of the means of communication used and allow advisors to access their work environment anytime, anywhere


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An omnichannel customer relationship management offer accessible from anywhere

SFR Business is launching Global Contact Center, a new omnichannel customer relationship management offer hosted in the Cloud, aimed at SMEs, mid-cap companies, public administrations and even very large companies. Equipped with an application integrating telephone, video, email, chat or even social networks, this offer allows the advisor to process all requests regardless of the channel used with the possibility of switching between communication to another to support the customer in a fluid and coherent way according to his expectations.

Global Contact Center is fully based on the solution from Collab, and hosted in a secure Cloud in France.



Global Contact Center is accessible to agents and advisers from anywhere, whether working remotely, on the move or from another site. Its implementation does not require any installation on the advisers’ workstations, takes place in a few days and the teams of advisers are operational quickly. Its architecture and security are designed to withstand peaks of activity. Finally, pricing automatically adapts to the number of advisors connected simultaneously as well as to fluctuations in activity.

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SFR Global Contact Center