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We take Quality Monitoring to the next level. Meet our Artificial Intelligence solution with Sentiment Analysis that enhances contact center operations and extracts value from sentiments.

Speech Analytics allows you to turn data interactions into insights

This technology examines calls and assesses both the agent and customer’s tone; transcripts voice into text to extract relevant information such as intents expressed through keyword trends or areas that need improvement. The results are indexed, searchable and can be used to improve customer experience and identify selling opportunities.


Applied in real time and with increasing accuracy, Automatic Speech Recognition transcribes voice into written words thanks to powerful algorithms.


Extracts relevant information such as intents expressed through keywords. Artificial intelligence can detect each word and understand the overall intent. 

Audio Stream with highlights

Navigate through the main points of the conversation with a graphical overview of the recording.


Thanks to natural language understanding, the speech analytics process can automatically extract emotions or mood variation levels, abnormal silence (hesitation) and talkover periods.

This technology can flag interactions and negative customer sentiment within the IVR and route  the interaction to a human agent. To sum it up, you can use sentiment analysis to route interactions automatically, promoting balance between AI and human interaction.

Our cutting edge features give you a bigger picture of the contact center


  • Analyze global insights like sentiment distribution, talkover and silence periods, overall sentiment of the interaction, word cloud with the most used words during the interaction and word trends;


  • Interactions with lower sentiment indicators are flagged and a notification is sent;



  • Monitor closely by checking the audio recording of the interaction, synched with its transcription. It’s possible to select a specific keyword and the record will immediately show where in the interaction the word was pronounced, including improper language

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