Modern customers expect the ability to contact you through their preferred channel, when requesting for information, or when they have an issue with your product or service. You are expected to deliver a seamless journey and a 24/7 customer service for an improved customer experience. For that, you should consider an omnichannel strategy!

why consider an omnichannel strategy

What is an omnichannel solution?

Today’s consumers have more options than ever to contact a company, expecting real-time information across multiple channels. In a contact center, an omnichannel solution allows people to reach you using their preferred way. A seamless customer experience (CX) across multiple channels enables a better and successful customer service.

Brands are accessible across online and offline channels and omnichannel enables a fully integrated solution, providing a smooth experience across each one. Consumers can move across their multiple devices and available channels; the interactions are continuous and the different agents that receive the contacts have access to a complete customer journey and information. This enables the organization to truly take a consumer-centric approach.

Top reasons to consider an omnichannel strategy

Most brands must agree that an omnichannel approach can contribute for better results, acting as a brand differentiator, bringing the following benefits:

1. Increased Customer Loyalty

An omnichannel solution creates a seamless strategy across multiple channels. Brand guidelines are taken into consideration in each channel, contributing to a consistent communication and brand identity. The strategy of the brand becomes more comprehensive, leading more targeted messaging and customer loyalty.

2. Increased Revenue

While an omnichannel strategy improves customer experience, in turn, it may also increase revenue. Being available across multiple platforms encourages customers to easily get in touch with your brand for more products/services information, or even to fulfil orders from anywhere. The possibility for customers to engage with a brand in diverse ways and at each stage of the customer’s journey can help increase revenue. Also, the targeted message that, as seen above, help building loyalty, make it more likely for a customer to purchase from you again.

3. Increased Productivity

Now businesses only need to collect customer’s data once rather than at every touchpoint. This increases efficiency and may even reduce costs. Having a general overview also means that the implementation of a strategy for each channel is not necessary.

4. More upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Having access to customers’ data across every channel allows businesses to reach clients by email, texts, push notifications, and even direct mail with targeted messaging, recommending complementary items or upgrades.

How Collab can help you

Collab’s OneContact is a next generation contact center software. A 360º solution that combines multiple communication channels: voice, video, e-mail, social media, and chat (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Bots), all in the same interface. You can download our brochure for more information.