As the global cloud delivery model matures, a massive shift is happening in the contact center industry. Companies of all sizes are moving their Contact Centers from on-premises, legacy solutions, to cloud-based platforms – and analysts predict it will only get bigger over the next couple of years. Consultancy firm Research & Markets showed hosted cloud contact solutions reached $10.9 billion by 2019 worldwide, which means the market will growth has an annual rate of 21.3%. We’re not talking about a niche market anymore.

Moving to a cloud contact center system brings so many benefits that even companies in traditional sectors, such as banking and the telecom industry, have started to invest in this new environment. Cloud technology has reached a tipping point and is not only able to emulate legacy systems: it can now go beyond them.

8 main reasons to move your contact center to the cloud

  1. Fully-featured omnichannel platform
    While choosing one, the first cloud contact center solutions might’ve meant compromising on certain features, this is not the case anymore. Gartner’s assessment of the market clearly states that contact center as a service solutions offer functions and capabilities that surpass to those found in on-premises contact center infrastructures. Take Collab’s cloud technology: it offers customers an omnichannel platform that combines voice, video, chat, email, and social media. The omnichannel journey is now fully available in the cloud.
  • 2. Flexible solutions – Scale up or down quickly and effortlessly
    One of the reasons companies move their contact centers to the cloud is the ability to increase capacity during busy times and scale it down when business decreases. There are so many advantages associated with the flexible nature of cloud solutions: you can manage seasonal fluctuations and you don’t need to invest in expensive deployments when more agents are needed. Plus, you get to do it quickly.
  • 3. Pay as you go – and only pay for what you use
    The cost model of a cloud-based solution is completely different from that of a legacy, Capex-heavy infrastructure. It’s plain and simple: you don’t have to pay for seats you’re not using. With a cloud contact center platform, you only pay for the agents you’re currently using, vastly improving cost efficiencies. In addition, you’ll have considerably lower maintenance costs.
  • 4. As simple as it can be
    Gone are the days when only a skilled IT worker was able to implement and manage contact center positions. A cloud solution is fully browser-based and requires no coding skills or even software installations. Whenever a few extra agents are needed, anyone from Marketing or Sales can do it by following a few steps on the website.
  • 5. Secure and reliable
    Contrary to what some might believe, a cloud contact center is a lot safer than an on-premises one. That’s mainly because service providers have invested heavily to improve their security protocols and guarantee world class best practices. Additionally, all systems are redundant from the get-go and will be up-and-running even in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. No on-premises infrastructure can offer the level of security and resilience that is currently offered in the cloud. Collab’s solutions are powered by Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform with the world’s largest set of security certifications.
  • 6. Focus on your core business
    Moving to the cloud means freeing your IT department and other relevant employees so they can focus on your core business, not on managing a contact center. Let the service provider host and manage the system. Add to that not needing to invest in hardware, getting automatic upgrades instead of waiting months for new deployments, and reallocating specialized staff that was previously in charge of contact center management – and you can start to realize how much a cloud solution can do for your core business.
  • 7. Improve agility and time-to-market
    On-premises solutions are inherently limited. That’s why moving to the cloud allows companies to launch new marketing campaigns, without risking an IT overload. You simply do not need to wait for IT to come through when planning a new campaign. Collab’s Nubitalk offers simple and intuitive management tools that can be used by anyone in the company.
  • 8. Enterprise-grade technology
  • Accessing the kind of tools that are now available in the cloud was simply impossible for small and medium businesses just a few years ago. Cloud service providers have democratized access to enterprise-grade technologies that can be used as a competitive advantage to businesses of every size – including independent workers in this shared economy era. Anyone who wants to grow their business through new channels of communication with final customers can now tap into the power of the cloud.

OneContact CC & Nubitalk

Offering the most suitable solution to its customers, Nubitalk is the cloud deployment option for OneContact CC, the contact center service powered by Collab. It is an omnichannel solution that integrates multiple media channels (voice, video, chat, email and social media) in a single interface. Its intuitive interface and easy deployment – no coding skills required – makes it the perfect match for companies of every size.

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