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cloud contact center transition

Hundreds of clients trust Nubitalk, a cloud contact center solution designed to make business of all sizes thrive in customer experience.


1. Omnichannel

Successful digital customer service offerings must focus on seamless conversation orchestration across digital channels, streamlining all sources of information. That includes email, chat, video, voice and social media.

2. Safety and compliance

PCI compliance, GDPR, ISO certifications and regulative frameworks matter. Our cloud contact center helps organizations meet data privacy and protection compliance obligations regarding customer service, to let you focus on your business.

3. Powerful Analytics

The reporting and analytics processes are leveraged by cloud computing. OneContact includes a powerful solution that turns operational data from various sources into easy to read graphics and actionable insights.

4. Flexibility & Scalability

Scale up or down quickly and effortlessly .The ability to increase capacity during busy times and scale it down when business decreases is one of the advantages of relying in the flexible nature of cloud solutions.
Ai Solutions

5. AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and automation are a game changer in contact center, and the cloud enables new possibilities like automatic reporting, measurement of sentiment in interactions and bots for customer support. This provides 24/7 customer support and reduces costs on the contact center.

6. Zero Installs and automatic updates

The breakthrough of CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is that it frees the client from physical installations, maintenance, and technological hassles. Nubitalk CCaaS allows zero-install, carefree maintenance, automatic updates and can respond to your escalation needs easily.

7. Pay as you go – and only pay for what you use

The cost model of a cloud-based solution is completely different from a legacy one, Capex-heavy infrastructure. With a cloud contact center platform, you only pay for the agents you’re currently using, vastly improving cost efficiencies.

8. Remote work ready

Cloud contact center enables access and management from any location, opening the door to more business possibilities, including remote contact center teams. This way, we ensure business continuity in every scenario.

9. A 360-Degree View of Every Customer

The Contact Center must be synced with your customer’s journey, giving agents the data they need to provide personalized and smooth customer support. Our CRM can keep track of every interaction and customer. Nubitalk can also integrate with the leading CRM providers.


better for the planet

Better for the Planet

Lower carbon footprint, less energy consumption and diminished electronic waste are some of the benefits of cloud computing when compared to traditional data centers. The cloud has impressive sustainability benefits with gains for the environment and for a greener economy.

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