A gamification experience is described by bringing game dynamics into the workplace, making employees’ work funnier. In a contact center, agents see their work become more exciting by playing a variety of games that may take into consideration several indicators, such as First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time, or even Punctuality.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is about applying gaming elements to non-gaming contexts, such as the workplace. Here, the goal is to engage with employees, inspiring them to collaborate and interact, boosting their satisfaction, and leading to improved productivity as well.

Gamification at work is all about driving engagement to influence business results and turning boring tasks into appealing “projects” – through competition, cooperation, or the need for challenge.

Participating in gamification activities allows employees to better interact with the brand and know more about its products and services, which is a great advantage for the company, that ends up with a high skilled team.

How to turn work into a game?

Gamification can be applied in different forms and situations and using different indicators. It influences and motivates people’s behavior, increasing employee engagement to drive the company’s performance.

Games include a variety of options, like challenges, quests, achievements, or the well of fortune. There are endless possibilities, and the games are adapted to the company’s needs and campaigns.

Some of the indicators that can be evaluated and rewarded at a Contact Center through Gamification are: First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time, Customer Satisfaction / NPS, Punctuality, Customer Retention, and Team vs individual performances.

Gamification provides employees with instructions and feedback throughout the gaming process, leading to the achievement of business goals.

An employee can interact with other co-workers through collaboration and/or competition, encouraging team or individual work as needed. The game mechanisms are clear and simple, making the work tasks easier to understand and more transparent.

Key benefits of Gamification

Benefits of gamification

How Collab can help you

With Collab Gamification you can meet business goals and drive employee motivation by bringing Gamification into the workplace! You can learn more here or even take a look at one of our case studies!