Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system created to help customers who dial in. The system can have basic interactions with customers via voice or dialing, without the need for human interaction. But what are the benefits of IVR?

what is IVR

What is IVR?

When customers or prospects reach call centers, they’re first greeted with a prerecorded welcome message. This is when the IVR menu is presented to the caller. IVR promptly gives callers a series of options that will lead them to the right department. In case the needed category is not listed, the callers can choose to be transferred to a human agent.

Top benefits of IVR

IVR does not replace the need for a live agent, but it surely improves customer satisfaction, while also freeing up agents to handle inbound calls with more complicated issues. Below, you can find the top benefits of IVR:

Reduced calls and increased FCR

IVR instantly answers a customer call and directs it to the requested department through call routing. This reduces calls as customers are promptly served by the agent or department that best meets their needs. If there is no suitable option on the IVR menu for the customer to choose from, there is always the possibility to talk to an agent.

Directing calls to the more qualified staff will make it less likely for the call to be transferred to another agent, which significantly increases First Call Resolution (FCR).

Better Customer Experience

Reducing dropped calls and hang-ups by enriching the hold-on experience improves customer satisfaction – and IVR can help you with it. Interactive Voice Response came to transform the customer experience, providing an effective self-service tool. The system directs the call to the best agent to handle the query, improving productivity! You can add the most important guidelines to your IVR menu to avoid any negative feedback and be sure callers have the answers to all their questions. You can also rely on virtual assistants to make wait time announcements, manage IVR call-back requests, provide additional self-service tools, and assure availability 24/7.

Improved employee performance

IVR technology frees agents, giving them more time to focus on more complex issues that require more attention. This significantly improves customer service efficiency. Agents are provided with more important tasks, rather than repetitive questions, such as account balances.

Improved brand image

A positive brand image and good credibility are crucial to any business. Although sometimes hard to maintain due to a high volume of customers to assist, these can be greatly improved by IVR as it allows the resolution of the issues of inbound calls quickly and efficiently.

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