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Bringing game dynamics into a contact center transforms agents and supervisor’s work for the better. Discover what’s new on Collab Gamification and how we can open the door to more productivity and increased competencies in contact centers.
Date: 14 April
Duration: 45 min
Starting time: 14:30 GMT 0 (Lisbon/ London)
Starting time in other popular timezones: Berlin, Paris, Warsow: 15:30 | Brasilia: 10:30 | Luanda:14:30 | Johannesburg: 15:30 | Toronto: 09:30


How to bring KPIs into a Gamification strategy

New Add-Ons

Training, learning & Gamification

Customer Success story presented by Vodafone

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Learn at first hand the potential of Gamification for Contact Centers.
Training, motivation and productivity are some of the factors that are driving companies to adopt contact center gamification. The results speak for themselves and the playful environment is conquering and enhancing contact centers across the world.
On the webinar, you’ll have the chance to see firsthand how it works and how contact centers can thrive by using it. We will disclose the new Gamification Add-Ons (Narratives, Quizzes and Matchmaking). On top of it, Vodafone will present their testimonial on how they are benefiting from Gamification.

Meet The Speakers

Pedro Abreu, contact center manager at Vodafone, will share the “why” and “how” Vodafone  enrolled in a Gamification strategy, and what are the resultant benefits.
The Gamification options and novelties provided by Collab will be displayed by Carlos Vasconcelos, VP of Marketing at Collab.
pedro abreu

Pedro Abreu
Contact Center Manager

B2C & Digital Care



Carlos Vasconcelos
Marketing VP


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