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What's New

What’s new in OneContact Agent?

At Collab, our motto is to not only offer a better customer experience but also provide the most suitable digital tools and features for contact center agents. This is why we regularly work on improving our services and developing new capabilities, to facilitate work and improve productivity.

As part of our commitment to continuously innovate, we have listened to feedback from our customers, partners, and the overall community. On this brief tech update, we highlight the updates on Collab OneContact Agent.

Address Book enhancements

– Availability Status
The availability status of agents and services is now shown on the address book inside the agent’s interface: the agents can be idle, busy, preview, wrapping up, and offline when logged out; in the campaigns, the agent can consult their status and number currently of available agents.

The supervisors will not have any status associated.

onecontact agent
– Favourites and Most Used
OneContact Agent address book now allows the agent to mark contacts as favourites, which will be gathered in a single group.
The 5 most used contacts also have a group of their own, separated from the Favourites group: if a contact is already added to the Favourites, it will not appear as a Most Used contact.
Regarding this, the address book now has three groups of contacts: the first shown are the Favourites, then the Most Used, and finally the All Contacts group.
When searching, Favourites and Most Used groups disappear. Filters will be applied on the three groups and the All Contacts continue to be paginated, showing 25 items initially.
– External Address Book
With this new update, OneContact Agent will be able to fetch external contacts from external address books assigned to the agent. To support this feature, a new API was created – AddressBookAPI. Associated to this API, a new database has also been implemented.
When this feature is enabled, the agent’s interface is adapted for the external contacts to appear. These contacts can also be filtered by the new category created for this purpose.
External lists are configured by users with the right permissions inside OneContact Portal, under the Management section. The contacts can be created manually or imported in an external file. The user can also export contacts at any time in a .csv format.
The new contact list can be configured to have global access, meaning it will be available to all agents. If the address book is not global, it will only appear to agents that are assigned to it either directly or through a campaign.
– Internal Address Book
Similarly to the previous one, this new feature is also configured inside OneContact Portal. To maintain the previous behaviour, where agents had access to all internal call center contacts (agents, campaigns and supervisors), regardless of their association to an address book, a new address book “default” is created for the existent call center tenants or new ones, “Default address book”. The following flags are active: global, all supervisors, all agents and all campaigns.
The address book list contains a column indicating the contacts that are automatically included in the list.
Administrators and supervisors can associate contact center entities (agents, services and supervisors) to an address book.
The default is

  • Include all agents contacts
  • Include all supervisor contacts
  • Include all campaigns contacts
  • Don’t include external contacts


With internal contacts, the contact list of an address book presents new features:

  • The button “Add external contact” renamed to “Add contacts”.
  • Search in the contacts and filter contacts by Type.
  • Define which columns appear and persist the settings in the user profile.

No changes have been made inside the OneContact Agent interface.