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Customer Service

Customer service in retail is about providing smooth experiences that tell the customer that you not only care about making a sale but also making sure the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

This is an essential ingredient in ensuring that existing customers will remain loyal. It is also stated that keeping valued customers is a lot easier than trying to attract new ones, meaning excellent customer service has to be a primary factor if you want your business to succeed.
Having positive customer service has the ability to provide value to a brand or company. The main focus of customer service is treating customers well by answering any questions and exceeding expectations. People react to the treatment they have received, so if customers are treated negatively, they will be likely to complain or take their business somewhere else. By making sure the customer feels valued, they are more likely to recommend you to others. This is where the term ‘word of mouth’ is introduced; if a customer decides not to shop with your business due to poor customer service, you can be sure that they’ll tell their family and friends and so forth. Therefore, the loss of one customer could actually associate with the loss of many more potential customers in reality.


Customer service can be demonstrated in many ways often seen as going the extra mile, on the other hand, it is important to listen to what your customers have to say about your company’s customer service, by understanding the customer’s thoughts allows you to consider any improvements which may have been overlooked by the company. By making sure a customer is happy and satisfied with the company will benefit the staff too. The staff will be motivated to work for the company knowing that they have finished each day knowing that they have helped customers and have been able to resolve issues, which will ensure customers’ return.

The customer experience is a long process and doesn’t end when a sale is made. A customer service strategy and returns policy can be the selling point in the eyes of the customer. It is found that 78% of consumers have not completed a purchase due to a poor customer service experience. Therefore, customers are often interested in knowing that they will still be able to get support after the sale has been made, this could include any problems or concerns a customer may have. To conclude, 9 out of 10 consumers state that they would pay more to ensure that they will receive a higher level of customer service experience.

In this equation, the contact center software and its articulation with CRM and business application is an essential step to deliver an excellent and choesive customer experience. In conclusion, customer service is about appealing to and satisfying consumer wants and needs. In addition, having strong customer service allows companies to develop personal relationships with customers to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

James Hayhurst

James Hayhurst

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