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Communicating with companies is easier with the right channels. Nowadays, successful B2C communication strategies are based on being present in every channel that customers visit, and that includes websites, applications, help desks and social media. That’s when Collab’s click to interact widgets step in. This toll allows users to interact with the company in a few clicks. With web widgets, users can reach you through audio, video, or chat/ instant messaging.  

Widgets for customer support can be displayed in a myriad of ways. The most common is in form of a minimized chat window on the bottom right of a webpage. All the customer needs to do is click on it, fill out the name and email fields, and start chatting with the company’s representative. This type of widget, very powerful for customer support, has usually an IVR behind it to reply automatically to the most common questions, providing self-service customer support. But we have already dived into that matter in this article, so let’s stick to the focus: widgets!

click to video

Collab Click To Interact widgets allow chat, video and voice. On the image, you can see an example of a video widget embedded on a webpage of a travel company.


How to implement

Implementing widgets is very easy. They are a feature included in OneContact CC, the contact center software developed by Collab. To activate, users must login on OneContact Portal, select a campaign and enable click to interact in the channels card. The colors, text and mandatory and optional fields are easily configurable to the brand identity. A widget snippet code is generated. The code can be pasted to roll in any webpage.


Introducing Media Upgrade and New Features 

Our products keep evolving to improve user experience and open new doors to businesses. We are happy to announce that our widgets have innovative new features (available for OneContact CC 4.x and up). The novelties include notifications for read and received messages, attach files into chat, and media upgrade.

Thanks to Collab widgets, users can choose the most comfortable medium to start the interaction and change it during the interaction – for example, the customer can reach out via chat and decide that it would be best to see turn on the video to show the issue to the agent. All the client needs to do is to click on the video icon. The agent receives a notification for media upgrade, accepts the request and video interaction starts.


Channels available in Click To Interact widgets

Add chat, voice and/ or video within the same widget so the customers can choose the way that better suits their needs. The widgets use HTML5 and are responsive in any device screen. 

Click To Chat – Instant Messaging  💬 

  • Notifications for read and received messages;
  • With emojis;
  • Attach multiples files into the chat;
  • Can be empowered with artificial intelligence;

Click to Voice – Voice Calls 📞

  • WebRTC ensures optimal communication quality in any device;
  • Calls can be queued to an IVR;
  • Can be empowered with AI;
  • Option “Call Me Back”.

Click to Video 📹

  • WebRTC ensures optimal communication quality in any device;
  • Video promotes proximity and engagement;
  • Inclusive for customers who have limitations (ex: hearing impaired)

Watch Click to Interact Widgets in action 

Images speak better than words! Take a look for yourself at the possibilities of widgets with this video.

This video is also available in Portuguese and Spanish (click on the language to open).


Benefits of Using Widgets

To sum it up, here’s a list of the main advantages of using widgets for customer care in contact centers.

  • Top user experience, by allowing customers to communicate from a single interface. The customer doesn’t need to browse your website, Help Center or search to find an email address to contact you. Instead, they can reach you within a few clicks;
  • Easy to activate and deploy;
  • Easy to use both for customers and agents, good-looking clean & feel, differentiated and customizable;
  • Embed support options right into your website, promoting self service customer support and freeing agents for more important queries;
  • With chat, video, voice and the possibility to swap between them.

Click To Interact Widgets – Flyer


Find further information about widgets in our flyer! It’s in PDF format. To open it in a new tab or to download the file, click in the flyer cover image.

Kindly note that, if you are a partner of Collab, we can customize the flyer and video to your identity and needs so you can promote it through your contacts! Ping marketing@collab.com to proceed.

Download Flyer

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