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work from home

These are times of uncertainty and precaution. We all have been following the news about Coronavirus and its worldwide spreading. The question is how businesses are coping with the pandemic scenario and what companies can do to ensure business continuity and provide customers the support they need. A remote contact center workforce might be the solution. Learn more about the benefits of remote contact centers

As a Contact Center Software Provider, Collab allows work-from-anywhere. Our HR and IT architecture support remote working for agents, supervisors and administrators. That means that all the Contact Center features are available from home. Manage emails, voice calls, chat messages and use CRM integration in your desktop, tablet, and phone with a virtual contact centre solution. Collab ensures business continuity and we can help you do the same.

Our architecture supports remote working for our employees. With dedicated VPNs, encryption, cloud readiness and a comprehensive set of certifications, we can assure full & secure functioning.

work from home


Don’t let contingency measures impact customers and agents. Our Platform enables working from home. Strengthen your inbound and outbound services with remote work to maintain productivity and results.

We use WebRTC, an open web framework that enables Communications in any browser and device securely and swiftly.

Nubitalk is powered by Microsoft Azure ® cloud computing, whose infrastructures are on 58 regions, more than any cloud provider.

Benefits of Remote Contact Center

Remote call center agents and reps are growing in number. The advantages of having on-demand agents are numerous. Here are the key benefits:


1. Reduce Costs 📉

Remote work is cost-effective and the savings are considerable. Office space is expensive. Remote working agents and staff don’t require office space or additional expenditures such as travel costs. Hiring foreign language staff for multilingual customer support can be difficult and increase hiring costs. By implementing home working call center teams, companies can save costs, hire from any geography, find the right staff for hard-to-fill schedule gaps and direct financial efforts into other business areas. The cost reduction and savings associated to the transition are probably the main benefits of remote contact centers. Key cost reduction takeaways:
  • Decrease office space expenses, such as extra renting, hardware, furniture and logistical costs;
  • Find staff for hard to fill schedule gaps;
  • Hire from anywhere with no to fewer increased costs;
  • Rely on online training, e-learning and pre-recorded videos to educate staff efficiently.

2. Future proof your business 🛡️

A climate crisis, a virus pandemic or a building collapse can happen, and there are numerous examples of this. To keep proving customers full support, the companies must have a platform that enables working from other geographical locations. That way, you will guarantee customer satisfaction even in contingency plans. That is one of the benefits of remote contact centers. Having remote teams can empower companies to provide support in different time zones, which will greatly benefit your customer service. Key points:
  • Business continuity in contingency scenarios, such as pandemics, tornados or other situations;
  • Enhance customer service with service in different countries and timezones;
  • Dispersed workforce minimize the likelihood of having business damages and losses in critical scenarios.

3. Happier agents, more results 😃

It’s no secret that a good work-life balance impacts strongly on employee motivation and productivity. When working from home, employees have fewer stress levels. The time they save on transportation to and from their office can be used in their hobbies. Studies have shown that Homeworking has a high impact on employee retention. Keeping agents motivated is easier with platforms like Collab Gamification. Gamification is a tool to shape behaviors, develop skills and drive outcomes – making work more appealing, motivating and fun while meeting company goals. It’s browser based so it’s ideal for remote working scenarios. Individuals with motor disabilities, with small children and part-time workers are not the only ones keen to work from home. Nowadays people value nomadism and appreciate having the freedom to work from anywhere and not being restrained by the office environment. Key points:
  • Handle fluctuating needs of employees;
  • Increase motivation & work-life balance;
  • Recruit the right staff, no matter their location;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Less turnover;
  • More customer satisfaction.